Biokovo tour

Biokovo tour

price from €44

Nature park Biokovo has a lot of interesting things to see, a unique vegetation and wildlife. Some of the plants are protected by Croatian law and cannot be touched. They can be found only on mountain Biokovo and surrounding area. These endemic species are still not well explored so you will have the opportunity to do it by yourself.

In one secluded part of the mountain you can find botanical garden called Kotišina. It is different from the others since the plants are not „brought in“ from differents parts of the mountain. This botanical garden is planned as „walled part of nature“ so the natural vegatation will be preserved by these walls.

Not only vegetation of Nature park Biokovo would attract your attention. Wildlife is also very interesting to explore. A lot of different species, beautiful butterflies, horses, mountain goats, birds and many others will leave you breathless. Some of them you can find in many caves Biokovo has to offer. Since Biokovo is very old mountain, those caves are big and made by nature during million of years.

With the panoramic tour in climatized minibuses you can see all the beauty Nature Park Biokovo has to offer with the highest top Sv. Jure (1762 m). Easy walk with experience guides on foreign language is suitable for all age groups.


It is neccessary to bring sport shoes, a hat, jacket and minimum o,5 l of water.

Poludnevni izlet, klimatizirana vozila, stručni vodič, ulaznica u Park prirode Biokovo, kava, kolač i travarica.
Djeca do 5 godina gratis, od 5 do 12 godina 50 %. Preuzmi ponudu izleta


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