Dalmatian Dog – All The Things You Didn’t Know

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The Dalmatian dog and its appearance are very familiar to most of us. Cute white puppies with black spots are specific and familiar dogs, and few haven’t seen them so far. If not live, you’ve certainly come across their photos. If you’re not a dog lover, you probably don’t know much about them. If you adore dogs, you may have researched them a bit, and you may want one in your backyard. Whatever your story, stay with us for more interesting facts about this species.

Why are they called Dalmatians?

Let’s start from the beginning. What kind of dogs are they, and why are they called Dalmatians at all?

The appearance of this dog is probably the most recognizable, and we can all easily distinguish it from other species. These are very intelligent and active dogs who love children and play with children. They are also known as Carriage Dog, Spotted Coach Dog, Firehouse Dog, and their dotted appearance.

The Dalmatian is a lively dog, loves many different activities, and like a true Dalmatian, loves water and swimming. It is a breed of medium height, and their hair is short and shiny, making them look very elegant.

This breed is considered one of the oldest. According to some sources, it dates back to 2000 BC and can be found in Greek frescoes. Some of the older records of this breed were found in Dalmatia, where it also got its name.

Dalmatians have always been helpful. They served as firefighters, in hunting, but also the circus. These are just social types who like to have fun, and it’s hard not to give them sympathies.

Dalmatian dogs are movie stars and other fun facts

Numerous curiosities are attached to this species. Most of them are certainly closest to their Walt Disney adventure through the story of 101 Dalmatians. They first appeared on the screens back in 1961, according to a story by Dodie Smith written in 1956. The story is about a villain named Cruella de Vil, a glamorous London designer who wants to make a coat out of Dalmatian fur.

Of course, everyone is much more familiar with the remake from 1996, and four years after that, a kind of sequel called 102 Dalmatians was released.

In May 2021, Cruella returned to theaters, and once again, the Dalmatians had their show on the big screens.

However, some other interesting facts are less known. For example, the famous Pablo Picasso loved the Dalmatian dogs as a motif in his late paintings and owned several Dalmatians. The first American president, George Washington, was the owner and breeder of this species.

And if you visit Dubrovnik during your stay in Croatia, you will also find records about these dogs. In the cloister of the monastery of the Little Brothers, they were shown in stone in the 14th century.

It is believed that thanks to the Dubrovnik sailors and diplomats who gave it as a valuable gift and also sold it, the Dalmatian dog is a widespread species around the world.

Dalmatian Dog Image In House Village

A great treasure related to the history of Dalmatian dogs is kept on the Makarska Riviera. More precisely, in Zaostrog. It’s about one picture. The painting was not painted by Pablo mentioned above Picasso, but it is precious.

It is a painting with the motif of the Last Supper from the 18th century, which, along with other well-known elements, also shows a Dalmatian dog. It was painted by an unknown master of the famous and recognized Venetian school and is carefully kept in the pinakothek of the monastery in Zaostrog.

The locals and the tourist board make sure that the story does not remain only within the monastery’s walls. They designed the year-round project ‘Dalmatian Dog Image In House Village.’ Also, every year during the summer, they hold a ‘Black and White’ event. In this way, locals, guests, children, and artists from Croatia and worldwide gather and make various sculptures and objects with Dalmatian motifs.

Additionally, all the bus stops in this place are painted in the sign of these cute dogs.

If you are spending your summer on the Makarska Riviera, be sure to visit Zaostrog and take a closer look at all these attractions.



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