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SPOT ON d.o.o., travel agency DREAM IN DALMATIA, Bartola Kašića 7, 21322 Brela, OIB: 38394503535, ID: HR-AB-21-060352030, hereinafter referred to as (the Agency) provides guest services according to information available on the site and with the period and the confirmed reservation (offer), except in case of illness or death of the host or his closest family; the exceptional circumstances that can not be anticipated or eliminated (natural disasters, earthquakes, floods, fires, droughts, wars, strikes, acts of terrorism and restrictions issued by the government mobilization, country exit ban).




Inquiries and booking of accommodation can be done electronically, by mail or in person at the agency. When confirming the booking, the customer fully accepts these General Terms and Conditions. In other words, everything stated in the General Terms becomes legally binding both for the customer and the agency. The Guest is obligated to provide the information necessary in the booking procedure. To confirm a reservation is required to pay an advance, depending on the payment method – and sent to the offer. The balance is paid no later than 15 days after the reservation or if the offer provided to the agency or an accommodation facility on the day of the arrival, or otherwise unless specified range. The guest is informed about the payment when supply and confirming the reservation.




According to the Law on sojourn tax of the Republic Croatia, guest pays the City Tax when paying for their accommodation. The amount of City Tax is stated on your reservation calculation, has to offer. Tourist tax prescribed by law and amounts to 2.00 to 7.00 Kunas per person per day for adults, depending on the season and the category of the tourist places. Persons aged 12 to 18 have a 50% discount on that amount, while children under the age of 12 are exempt from paying.




The price of accommodation includes basic service of accommodation, specified in the offer. The prices presented on website of the agency have informative character, so the prices listed in the offer are valid ones. Special services are not included in the price of accommodation, and the guest pay them seperatly. These services guest must request during reservation process. Therefor, all of the services that are not indicated in the offer or the voucher guest pays separatly in case of consumption of the same. The prices of the accommodation are expressed in KN or EUR. Remark: price lists of the privat accommodation presented on website of the agency are exclusively informative character, on the destination level, it depends from house to house, agency commits itself to the guest that it will indicate and recapitulate the prices of the privat accommodation correctly, and the guest by accepting the offer, in another word by confirming the reservation, is confirming his/hers agreement with that price. Agency holds the right to change published prices (in case that provider of the services has changed price of the accommodation or exchange rate changed).

If the change has happened before advance payment and/or confirmation of the reservation by guest, agency will notify the guest about changes in the price. Advance payment for accommodation units described and presented on website of the agency is 30 % of the total accommodation price. For the guests that have paid advance payment for a certain reservation, agency guarantees the price of the accommodation listed during calculation based on which they have paid the amount of advance payment.

If after advance payment has come to a change in course of agreed currency or fees for certain services increased that affect on the price of the travel, and agency could not know for, agency holds the right for increase in the prices at most 20 days before start of the travel. Guest has the right to cancel the reservation if that increase would be more than 10 %. In that case he is entitled for a return of amount already paid (reduced for bank fees) without a right for compensation.

If there is more person in accommodation unit you booked then indicated in the offer or voucher, the provider of the services can forbid the accommodation to unannounced guests or has the right to ask for supplement. By accepting the offer guest confirms that he is informed with description and capacity of accommodation unit.


Categorization and the description of services


Accommodation units are described according to the official categorization of the competent institution based on insight in real state of the accomodation when being published.

Informations that the guest receives on the selling place does not commit the agency more then the informations published on website or in published materials of the agency. By accepting the offer guest confirms that he/she is familiar with relevant data, descriptions and pictures of each accommodation unit that the agency sends with its offer. The link of the agency which could be eventually sent with the offer has informational character and shows whole object, not just one of the accommodation units. Please read in the offer the description of accommodation unit and object.


The right of the agency on changes and cancellation


The agency can change or cancel booked accommodation if before or during the vacations unexpected circumstances appear that can not be avoided or eliminated (article 1).

Booked accommodation can be replaced only with approval of the guest and just with the accomodation of the same or higher cathegory; the price of the accommodation will remain the same as the guest has confirmed with his/hers reservation. If the replacement accomodation is possible only in the object of higher cathegory with the price of the accomodation 15%  more expensive then the previous booked accomodation, the agency has the right to charge the difference in price upon consulting the guest.

If the agency is unable to provide replacement, agency reserves the right to cancel the reservation with prior notice at least 7 days before arrival and guarantees a full refund of the amount paid. If the agency is unable to provide replacement on the day of service, agency will try to provide information on available accomodation that is not offered by the agency and guarantees the refund of the complete paid amount.


The right of the guest on changes and cancellation


Should the guest wish to change  or cancel a reservation after the advance payment or the total amount, he/she must do so in writing (e-mail, mail or fax). The change includes changing the number of guests or the start and/or finish date, not later than 30 days before arrival. Change of accommodation unit and any change within 30 days of the arrival, and during use of reservation is considered as cancellation of that reservation, unless the agency agrees with the same. The first reservation change, if possible without extra cost, will be made free of charge. In case that the change in reservation is not possible and the guest therefore withdraws the reservation, the terms listed below are applied (if in the offer is not explicitly differently specified). Date of receipt of the written cancellation or no-show guest represents basis for calculation of cancellation costs in following way:

  • For cancellation up to 14 days before starting the accommodation service the agency on behalf of the owner charges 100% of the advance payment
  • For cancellation from 14 to 0 days before starting the accommodation service the agency on behalf of the owner charges 100% of the total price of arrangment.


Obligations of the agency


The agency is obligated to take care, in good faith, for implementation of services, as well as on selecting the service provider, to take care of the rights and interests according to accepted customs in tourism. The agency carries out all stated obligations in full and as described above, except in exceptional circumstances (Article 1.), and will then proceed as described in article 6.


Obligations of the guest

The guest has to:

  • Have valid travel documents and obtain them on time, if necessary
  • Respect the customs and currency regulations of Republic of Croatia and state guidelines and the country through which it passes or resides
  • Upon arrival, guest need to show the confirmation of payment (agency voucher) to the service provider
  • Guest must check if he needs a visa to enter Republic of Croatia and obtain it on time
  • With confirmed reservation guest agrees to, if he causes any damage, compensate for caused damage to the service provider on sight
  • Obey house rules in accommodation units and cooperate with service providers in good faith, in the case of serious violations of house rules and premature abandonment of the facility, on demand of service provider, guest must cover the expenses of accommodation for the entire booked period, and if the service provider agrees that the guest is not required to pay the full amount of reserved period, and the guest has stayed for 3 nights (1, 2 or 3 nights) the price per night will be increased by 30% (supplement for short stay).
  • The guest will bear the responsibility and costs incurred due to non-compliance with obligations




The agency is not responsible for luggage which is destroyed, lost , damaged or stolen in the accommodation unit (renting a safe is recommended, if possible, or buying travel insurance that includes the luggage insurance). Lost luggage or theft is reported to the service provider,the agency and the local police department.


Handling complaints

If upon arrival at the reserved accommodation unit the guest sees some failures, traveler is obliged to contact the agency and to cooperate with the agency and the host in good faith that the failure will be resolved. If the failures are resolved and do not disturb further consumation of the reservation, traveler has no right on further complaints. If failures can not be removed and affect the quality of the reservation, traveler on his return from holiday, and not later than 7 days from the end of the booking, must make a written complaint and may request reasonable compensation (e-mail: The complaint must be supported by specific evidence.


Jurisdiction of the court

The agency and the traveler are obliged to undertake any disputes peacefully, and in case of impossibility for a peaceful resolution of the dispute, they contract local jurisdiction of the competent court for the area of city Makarska.


Travel insurance

In accordance with the Law on Providing Services in Tourism, employees of the agency, in which package deal is paid, are obliged to offer the traveler a travel insurance package consisting of health insurance of the traveler during their stay abroad and luggage insurance, insurance against accidents and insurance for cancellation of the trip, which is offered for travelling abroad and also in our country. By accepting  the trip agreement, which also includes these terms and conditions, the buyer confirms that he was offered a package of travel insurance. The agency is obliged to instruct passengers on some of the insurance companies where they can pay the passangers health insurance for stay abroad, and as well for luggage insurance.


Insurance in case of bankruptcy (bail insurance) and liability insurance agency

Pursuant to the Law of Providing Services in Tourism, the organizer has made a insurance policy with the insurer and by it the insurer is obligated to compensate the traveler:

  • The price of travel, if because of the bankruptcy proceedings tour organizer is unable to provide services for the travel
  • The cost of returning passangers to the place of departure, which occured beacuse of bankruptcy proceedings started by the tour organizer
  • In the event of insolvency or bankruptcy of SPOT ON d.o.o., travelers caught on a voyage, as well as persons which paid advance payment for a travel should contact the travel organizer stated on the contract or other insurance document in a fastest possible way

General conditions

By confirming the reservation/ offer or payment of advance or the total amount of the arangment, the guest fully accepts these General Terms and Conditions.


Privacy policy

The agency agrees that personal data provided by the guest when booking or signing the guest on the newsletter list at (name, address, e-mail address, etc.) will not be disclosed to other persons or companies, but will be possibly used only for internal marketing purposes. Guest agrees that the agency can use his/hers contact details (especially the e-mail address) to send special offers and newsletters. The agency is obliged, on guest request, to remove its data from the newsletter list and other records.

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