Parking in Split: Where to park your car?

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Parking in Split can be a big challenge and a reason to wish you didn’t have a car at all. But not everything is so hopeless. With good preparation, organization, and patience, you can manage very well and be calm about parking during your stay. Patience is, of course, key. Read our short guide to the end with the most important information about parking in Split. Regardless of whether you come for one day or you will spend your vacation in Split, you will certainly find some information useful.

Split is a Mediterranean city with many narrow streets, and in addition to 200,000 residents, there is also a vast number of guests, visitors, and delivery vehicles. There is also a ferry port in Split, and the entire county gravitates to the city, so traffic is often heavy. We repeat, patience is key!

Parking in Split: Street parking and parking lots 

Parking in Split is mostly connected to streets and street parking. You will see parked cars, and signs indicating parking spaces that are also outlined. On these boards, you will also see additional information about the zone, price, and time during which parking is paid. In several places near the city center, you can find parking lots with several parking spaces, and one of these is located near the ferry port, train station, and railway station.

In addition, a certain number of parking spaces are located along the Riva itself, the main promenade in Split, but due to the attractive location, it is not easy to find a place and the price of parking is significantly higher than in other parking lots.

Parking locations:

Parking in Split for free 

It is also possible to find places where you can park for free, but not close to the city center. Parking in neighborhoods and other remote locations is usually free, but you will have to either walk or use public transportation or a taxi to get to the city center. Keep in mind that it is often very difficult to find a free parking space in neighborhoods and that these parking spaces are not secured in any way.

Parking in Split: Prices 

Street parking in Split is divided into 3 zones depending on the proximity to the city center. The price in the city center is €1.20 per hour during the summer months, and €0.80 in the winter. In the second zone for an hour, you will pay €0.70 in winter and €1 in summer. The most affordable parking in Split is in the third zone, where an hour is €0.80 in summer and €0.60 in winter.

Some parking lots or garages are privately owned so the prices may differ.

In most street parking lots, parking is paid for with coins, and you need to display the payment confirmation in a visible place. You can also pay by SMS. In some parking lots, parking is paid at the exit, and somewhere there are machines for self-payment. This information is displayed everywhere, so check as soon as you park.

Never avoid paying for parking because you will most certainly get a fine.

Street parking in Split is free on Sundays and in summer, and on Saturdays, it is paid from 07:00 am to 2:00 pm. On working days, payment is made from 7 am to 7 pm in all zones except the first, where payment is made from 6:30 am to 9:30 pm.

You can get around most of Split on foot, so you won’t often need a car.
If you have chosen Split as a one-day trip from another destination, you can check beforehand the possibilities for an organized tour to Split or the rental of a private van with a driver for your family and friends. It’s often a great way to avoid stress and spend a carefree day.



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