Tučepi Parking 2024: Where To Park a Car?

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Tučepi parking in the peak of the tourist season is a very important issue so that your vacation or one-day trip goes without much worry and without wasting time.

Tučepi is a place 5 kilometers south of Makarska, one of the pearls of the Makarska Riviera, and a favorite destination of many guests. Many of them choose Tučepi for vacation for many years, and many discover its beauty and charms for the first time year after year. The town of Tučepi is located very close to the city of Makarska and all city facilities, yet it offers enough opportunities for a quiet family vacation on the beaches that Tučepi is famous for.

Thing to see in Tučepi 

In addition to the kilometer-long beaches for which Tučepi is recognizable, there is also an equally long promenade along the sea, lined with centuries-old pines and ideal for relaxing walks, cycling and other recreation.

Tučepi also has a rich historical heritage, numerous centuries-old churches, an oil mill from 1911, and Gornje Tučepi, where there are old villages and stone houses, is especially charming.

There is also a rich offer of good restaurants and beach bars in Tučepi, and various cultural and musical programs for locals and guests are offered throughout the summer.

Parking in Tučepi 

If you have chosen Tučepi as the place where you will spend your vacation, you will certainly be interested in where you will park your vehicle. Tučepi parking for private accommodation is usually connected to parking in front of family houses and villas where your apartment is located. Some of them also have garages, and most have outdoor parking with a certain number of parking spaces. Such parking is usually included in the price of accommodation, but be sure to check with the hosts if there is a parking space waiting for you and where exactly it is located.

Tučepi parking for hotel accommodation varies from hotel to hotel. Most hotels have a certain number of parking spaces next to the hotel or near the hotel. and some have separate plots for car parking. Some hotels have garages, but the number of these parking spaces is small. Hotel parking lots in Tučepi are usually clearly marked with prominent warnings that they are parking for hotel guests only, and some have special ramps that you can only open as a hotel guest. In some hotels, parking is included in the price and is not paid at all, and in some, a fee of around €3 per day is paid. Be sure to check this information when booking accommodation.

If you are coming to Tučepi for a day trip or just for an afternoon swim, you will be more interested in private parking options. There are not many of them, and most of them are located on private land along the road or sometimes in front of private houses, and the price of parking is paid per day. Amounts range from €10 to €20 depending on location and length of stay in the parking lot.

Most of the private parking lots in Tučepi are near the beach and are a good choice if you are coming for a swim. They are most often in the natural shade of olive trees.

Tučepi parking in the town center

In the very center of Tučepi, near the harbor and most cafes and restaurants, there are a small number of public parking spaces on the right and left side of the one-way road that passes through the center of the town. Parking here is paid per hour, approximately €2, and this is done on the machine.

Tučepi parking: what not to do?

Illegal parking in Tučepi is fined, so make sure to check carefully where you leave your tin pet to avoid negative surprises. If it is an unmarked parking lot, a private area or a wild parking lot along the road, it is very likely that you will receive a fine on the windshield.

It is not bad to ask one of the locals when parking if parking is allowed in that place and to whom and where to pay if it is.

Some private house owners rent parking spaces in front of their houses, so someone will direct you to a better and safer place to park.




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