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Accommodation in Croatia is undoubtedly one of the key items on your list for organizing an ideal vacation. Once you have decided on Croatia as your destination,  in front of you is to manage your trip and choose the perfect accommodation in Croatia. Of course, what kind of accommodation you choose depends on how you envision your ideal trip, with whom you travel, and where. It depends, of course, on what you want and whether you are more of a guy for a quiet holiday in a secluded villa or you like to feel the rhythm of the city. Croatia is a country that offers many different opportunities, and with a lot to see, there are many kinds of accommodation. They meet the requirements of most modern tourists, and there is undoubtedly something for everyone. The search may seem chaotic at first, but when you decide where and when you want to go and in what period, it will be much easier to choose your oasis for an ideal vacation in Croatia.

Croatia has a long tourist tradition, and during that time, various forms and accommodation capacities have developed. From luxury villas and holiday homes, apartments and rooms, and hotel accommodation to multiple camps and tourist resorts. From year to year, the quality of accommodation in Croatia is growing.

It only depends on your desires and habits and what you choose.

Best places to visit in Croatia

Croatia is a country rich in natural and historical sights. It is valid for its coastal part, which tourists visit the most, and the continental region boasts many unique features.

Croatia has numerous national parks and nature parks that attract many tourists every year. The most famous are undoubtedly Plitvice Lakes and the Krka Waterfalls, Mljet, Kornati, and Brijuni. There are also nature parks, such as the mountain Biokovo above the Makarska Riviera.

In addition to these natural beauties, there are many other rivers and their canyons and mountains.

At every step, the beautiful coast and islands reveal to visitors the crystal clear sea, hidden coves, and world-famous beaches.

In addition to natural beauty, Croatia is a country rich in history and culture, and this is best reflected in its cities.

Perhaps the most recognizable Croatian city is Dubrovnik, without which it is impossible to imagine many world tourist guides. The rich history of the famous Dubrovnik Republic, the charming old town, and its mysterious streets attract tourists worldwide. Pictures of the famous Dubrovnik walls are known everywhere and are visited by many tourists every year.

However, Croatia is not just Dubrovnik. Many other famous cities under UNESCO protection stand out, such as Split, Trogir, and Šibenik. It is worth visiting Zadar, Pula, Opatija, Rovinj.

If you decide to tour continental Croatia, Zagreb, the Croatian capital, and beautiful cities such as Osijek, Vinkovci and Vukovar are indispensable.

Best beaches in Croatia

Beautiful beaches stand out among the many natural beauties that Croatia is endowed with. Many of them are often on the prestigious European and word lists of the most beautiful beaches, and summer vacation is unthinkable for many without swimming on some of them. If you are among those who enjoy the beaches and want to see one of the Croatian beaches that adorn many magazines and covers, we recommend that you choose accommodation in Croatia that is close to one of them. Of course, visiting these beautiful beaches can also be an excellent idea for a day trip. Especially if you are in Croatia with your car, some exceptional and lesser-known beaches can only be reached by boat or discovered while touring the island, so if you like hidden small coves with turquoise crystal clear sea, ask your hosts which of them is close to you.

Here is a list of some of the most famous Croatian beaches and their locations: Zlatni Rat (island of Brac), Podrace (Brela), Nugal (Makarska), and Pasjaca (Cavtat), Stiniva (island of Vis).

Dog-friendly beaches in Croatia

As we have already pointed out above, the Croatian coast is rich in various specialties and natural beauties. Many hidden small coves provide enjoyment but also peace and intimacy. That is one of the reasons why it is not a problem in Croatia to find a beach where you can go with your dog.

Dogs are not prohibited on most beaches in Croatia, except where it is strictly emphasized by a clear sign that bathing and staying with dogs are not permitted on the beach.

In most places, though, it’s not a problem to find parts of the beaches that are allowed or secluded so you can enjoy yourself with your pets.

Here is a list of some of the beaches in Croatia that are extremely dog friendly: Privlaka (near Zadar), Foša (near Zadar), Vartalac (island of Vis), Duilovo (Split), Stomarica (Brela).

Traveling to Croatia

Croatia is a Central European and Mediterranean country located on the Adriatic coast. It borders Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro.

Croatia’s position enables it to have good transport connections with the whole of Europe. For tourists traveling by car, Croatia is an ideal car destination. The motorway network will take you to all known destinations in Croatia from all European countries. The highway through Croatia is safe and well-maintained, so it is not surprising that it is the choice of many tourists.

The last decade has been marked by an increase in the number of tourists arriving in Croatia by plane, and the number of air passengers is growing from year to year. Airports are located in Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, on Brac, Pula, Mali Losinj, Rijeka, and Zagreb.

When you land on one of them, a common choice to continue the journey is renting a car and driving to your final destination. Of course, some passengers choose to book transportation from the airport to their accommodation.

It is recommended for both of you to make reservations as early as possible when booking a flight because, in the high season, it is pretty challenging to find an accessible vehicle.

Croatia is connected to Italy by ferry line, and it is possible to travel by rail.

There is also public transport and intercity bus lines.

Sailing in Croatia

We have already mentioned the exceptional natural beauties of Croatia. It is especially true for the coast and islands. Croatia is a country with more than 1000 islands and islets whose beauty is breathtaking. In addition to natural beauty, many of them abound in historical and cultural sites and are worth a visit.

They can be reached from the mainland by ferries and catamarans, and such a rich coast is ideal for sailing.

The climate in Croatia is also ideal for sailing. The best time, according to many, is from the end of May and in June when the weather is pleasant and the winds are still strong.

Croatia is chosen by many experienced sailors who visit it from year to year, and it is ideal for those who decide this for the first time for this form of vacation. There are many different itineraries, depending on what interests you the most and which part of the Croatian coast you would like to get to know better. The good thing is that many beautiful destinations are close to each other, so the voyage between them is not long, and you can visit them more in one day.

Some of the most famous destinations are the island of Solta, the island of Vis, the island of Korcula, the island of Hvar, the island of Brac, Skradin, and Zlarin, Rogoznica.

Things to do in Croatia

A frequent question of those who come to Croatia for the first time is what to do during their vacation in Croatia. Those who have already visited Croatia know very well that there is always little time for everything worth seeing and doing during your stay in Croatia. In addition to the mentioned and recognizable natural beauties, national parks, rivers, and mountains, there are also beautiful islands, beaches, and caves worth visiting. Likewise, both the coast and the continent are rich in cities whose history captivates interest and whose old town cores, walls, castles, and cathedrals are well preserved. Some numerous museums and galleries protect historical sites.

In addition to these sights, Croatia also offers many activities. Rafting, kayaking, zip line, off-road tours, and safaris are ideal ways to get to know Croatia, enjoy the adrenaline and stay in the fresh air. There are also options like hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing, and cycling.

Active vacation in Croatia is possible in the complete sense of the word.

There is also a solution for those who are not fans of active holidays. Croatia is known around the world for its excellent and award-winning wines. Whichever place you travel to, you will find a rich offer of quality local wines and wineries that are worth visiting and taste a great drink on the spot.

Wine comes with great food—especially quality cheeses and homemade prosciutto.

The southern part of Croatia is rich in olive trees and groves, so many hosts produce excellent high-quality olive oil worth tasting and talking with you about.

Traditional meat and fish dishes delight guests and are conventionally prepared in many restaurants and taverns.

In autumn, when it is time to harvest various fruits, many guests decide to participate in the harvest and production of wine and mandarins for which the Neretva river valley is famous.

Croatia apartments on the beach

Accommodations in Croatia can be found in all its regions. Tourism is, logically, the most developed on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, where the most significant number of known tourist destinations are located. In addition to the famous discount cities of Split, Dubrovnik, and Šibenik, there are also many smaller places that attract a large number of guests during the tourist season, both in hotel facilities and in private accommodation.

Some of the most famous such destinations are located on the Makarska Riviera, a favorite summer resort for many guests from Europe and worldwide. There are also places near Dubrovnik, Split, Omis, and Zadar. Of course, the choice of many guests is the islands.

The beach’s proximity, restaurants, and other facilities are essential criteria for many guests. Accommodation in Croatia and Croatia apartments on the beach are sought-after accommodations in all these destinations. Significantly, beachfront apartments are often chosen by families with children because they provide more comfort than hotels, and the beach’s proximity is ideal for going swimming, walking, or playing without much complication. Beachfront apartments in Croatia are usually suitable for having a great view from the balcony and enjoying the sunsets.

The vast majority of accommodation in Croatia is well equipped with everything you need for a pleasant holiday and stay, and facilities such as wi-fi, modern TVs and additional TV programs are indispensable.

Croatia Luxury Villas for rent

Accommodation in Croatia has a long tradition of providing quality to guests. Since the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, when the first forms of tourism in Croatia began, the quality has been rising from year to year, and the hosts are trying to meet as many requests from guests. Today, different types of accommodation can be found in Croatia. From hotels, apartments, and family holiday homes to campsites and resorts.

In addition, there is a rich offer of luxury villas for rent, which meet the highest possible requirements and standards of guests with their equipment, locations, and appearance.

Croatia Luxury Villas for rent can be found in famous tourist destinations and lesser-known destinations located near favorite destinations. It is not negligible that silence and intimacy are essential when choosing such objects. It is a great recipe to provide guests of luxury villas with maximum comfort, space, and various facilities.

Luxury holiday villas in Croatia are equipped modernly, with many additional facilities.

In addition to swimming pools, there are saunas, gyms, sunbathing areas, terraces, taverns, barbecue areas and equipment, children’s playgrounds, and additional facilities.

It is an ideal type of accommodation for families with children, groups of friends and all those who want to enjoy themselves to the fullest and have the opportunity to relax without the crowds.

Booking Makarska

Booking accommodation in Makarska is not demanding, and it is very easy to find accommodation that suits you. Makarska is the center of the Riviera and the largest city in this area, and the offer of accommodation is diverse and rich. There is something for everyone. The most important thing is to know the dates, the number of people and the type of accommodation that suits you best to make it easier for you to find the most suitable one. It is advisable to set an approximate budget for accommodation in advance.

In addition to well-known booking services, to make sure you find the best accommodation for you and that the offer you get will be quality, we recommend that you contact a local travel agency that knows the city and area and can answer additional questions and organize for you and other services such as airport transfers, excursions, and different activities.

Makarska accomodation

There are many hotels in Makarska, smaller and more prominent. Most of them are located in exceptional locations in the city center or near beautiful beaches. There is also a rich offer of apartments, from the smallest (for example, for couples) to larger spacious apartments for families with children. Many are located in the city center and near the beaches, and many are in other parts of the city.

Also, there are numerous holiday homes with swimming pools and luxury villas that guarantee a pleasant holiday with lots of extra content and an extra dose of intimacy and peace.

Booking Brela

Brela is known as the pearl of the Makarska Riviera but also of the entire Adriatic coast. They are recognizable by their unique beaches, often included in the prestigious lists of the most beautiful. There is also an indispensable symbol of Brela – the stone of Brela. Beautiful beaches, green pine trees, and preserved nature are the recipe for an ideal vacation. Therefore, it is not surprising that accommodation in Brela is often in demand.

To make sure you find the best accommodation for you and that the offer you get will be quality and meet your requests, we recommend that you contact a local travel agency that knows the town and area and can answer additional questions and organize for you and other services such as airport transfers, excursions, dinner and beach activities.

Brela Accommodation

The tradition of tourism in Brela has been around for almost a century. Over the years, the quality of accommodation has developed and grown, so today; it meets the requirements of modern tourists worldwide. In Brela, you can choose between hotel accommodation, family accommodation, and apartments. They are located in beautiful locations along the beach and promenade and very close to the center where there are all the extra facilities you may need. With these types of accommodation, you are offered many luxuriously equipped villas in holiday homes with private pools and rich additional facilities that will make your vacation relaxing and unforgettable.

Booking Tučepi

Tucepi is located near the town of Makarska and is best known for its kilometers-long beach and the shade of green pine trees that adorn it. For many years, tourism has been the main branch of the economy, and a lot is being invested in its development and accommodation capacities. Like other places on the Riviera, you can find many accommodation facilities through well-known reservation services. Still, there are also local agencies that can help you with your inquiry and find the best possible accommodation on the spot to suit your needs.

Tučepi Accommodation

Accommodation in Tucepi offers a wide range of choices and can meet various guests’ needs. In addition to large hotels, there are many small, family hotels, and Tucepi boasts a 5-star hotel. In addition to hotel accommodation, you can find various apartments and flats for rent and entire family houses.

Next to the houses, there are holiday villas that are richly equipped, and most of them are located in the old village of Tucepi, which is located slightly away from the crowds and bustle. It is an ideal vacation for those looking for a holiday in silence but still want to be close to the famous beaches, restaurants, and destinations of Split and Dubrovnik.

Accommodation Split Croatia

Split is the center of Dalmatia and is often called the flower of the Mediterranean. It originated from the famous palace of Emperor Diocletian, which still attracts many tourists and delights with its beauty and intriguing, exciting history. Numerous accommodation facilities are located in the palace itself. Among the most attractive are those that offer a view of the palace and the city promenade known as Riva.

Most tourists opt for accommodation near the city’s most famous landmarks and beaches.

In addition to many luxury hotels, some apartments and apartments are well equipped and where you can feel the authentic charm and energy of the Mediterranean.

Temperatures in Croatia

The climate in the whole of Croatia is not the same, so the temperatures vary. The continental part has slightly colder and harsher weather. In the southern region along the Adriatic coast, the climate is the Mediterranean, and so are the temperatures. The climate on the Adriatic is characterized by long and warm summers. As early as May, the weather is pleasant for staying outdoors and even swimming. Nice weather usually lasts until October.

Temperatures in Brela

August has an average maximum temperature of 30.0°C and is the warmest month of the year

Temperatures in Tučepi

During the month of May, September, and October you are most likely to experience good weather with pleasant average temperatures that fall between 20 degrees Celsius and 25 degrees Celsius.

Temperatures in Makarska

Summers tend to be hot and dry with average temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius .

Suppose you were undecided about choosing Croatia as your country for your next vacation. In that case, we believe you have found many reasons to make accommodation in Croatia your next choice, and one or more destinations in Croatia are your new summer oasis to fall in love with.



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