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Biokovo Skywalk is your next destination on your to-do list during your stay in Dalmatia? Before you realize this great idea, here are the answers to some of the questions that are sure to interest you. It will help you prepare for your Biokovo Skywalk tour. But first of all, let’s get to know Biokovo.

It is hard to imagine the famous photos of Makarska Riviera and its beautiful beaches without an impressive mountain in the background. The hill is called Biokovo, and its highest peak Saint Jure (Saint George), is as high as 1762 meters above sea level. It is the second-highest mountain peak in Croatia. Biokovo covers 196 km2 and is the longest mountain in Dalmatia. It stretches from the Dubci pass to the Saranač pass and, with its massive appearance, protects the towns of Brela, Baška Voda, Makarska, Tučepi, Podgora, and the rest of the Riviera.

Biokovo Nature Park was declared in 1981, and its natural resources are exceptional. It is home to many endemic plants, various animal species, caves, and pits. It is especially dear to mountaineers and many other visitors who arrive in increasing numbers from year to year.

The Kotišina Botanical Garden is part of the Biokovo Nature Park.

Although Biokovo is a destination for many tourists, you should never forget that it is a dangerous mountain. It is imperative to follow the rules and instructions for a visit to go in the best possible order.

1. When is the best time to go on Skywalk?

Biokovo Nature Park is open mainly from early morning until dark, and working hours are adjusted to the time of year. The Biokovo Nature Park is not officially open to visitors from December to early April. In 2022 park officialy closed Skywalk on the first day of November till the spring.  Most visitors come to Biokovo in the summer months. In the spring and autumn, most visitors arrive on weekends, and on weekdays there is less influx of people. While in summer there is almost the same number of visitors nearly every day and one should always take into account the waiting time at the entrance and more cars on the road.

Suppose you are planning your visit during the summer months (or on weekends). In that case, it is recommended that you leave as early as possible in the morning and among the first visitors, visit Biokovo, Skywalk, and other beauties of the nature park. This way, you will avoid bigger crowds on the road and the Skywalk itself and have more time and space for your creative photos. At the same time, it is the least hot.

Arrivals during the day are ideal if you want to combine Skywalk with another activity or excursion. For example, if you go to Mostar or Međugorje, you are returning from a trip, or you have decided to try Zipline Tučepi. In that case, going to Skywalk will perfectly fill your day. Arm yourself with water and patience, and you will get to see everything!

Many people’s favorite time for Skywalk Biokovo is sunset. The romantic twilight brings beautiful colors and extraordinary views of the islands and the coast in this game of sun and shadows, so for all the romantic, this is the best time to come to Skywalk.

2. How to get to the Skywalk?

There is one main entrance to the Biokovo Nature Park. It is located in Staza or, more precisely, on the sixth kilometer of the road leading from Makarska to Vrgorac. Whether you are staying in Makarska or some other place on the Makarska Riviera, follow the exact instructions. Drive along the Adriatic Highway in the direction of Makarska to the crossroads leading to the town of Vrgorac.

It is not difficult to spot the intersection because there is a shopping center and several supermarkets next. There is also a gas station nearby, so it is the best option if you need fuel. Also, if you haven’t stocked up on water, snacks, and fruit before, there’s a chance to take a break and buy whatever you need.

After that, the road leading to Vrgorac will take you straight to the main entrance to the nature park. Tickets are also bought there. You can ask the park staff for any additional information you are interested in and get a map or special instruction if you need it. Up to this point, the road is the usual two-way, and it is not a problem to drive on it.

This main entrance is intended for all vehicles such as cars and vans, motorcycles, scooters and bicycles, and even pedestrians. Bus entry is not allowed.

3. Can I go by my car?

Makarska Riviera is a famous car destination, and many guests arrive in their cars. They also visit the sights and beauties of the surroundings with their vehicles. Therefore, it is not surprising that visitors often refer to Biokovo and Skywalk by cars or vans. This is, of course, possible and permissible. However, it is recommended only for experienced drivers who are confident in their driving skills. Why?

From the main entrance to the Biokovo Nature Park to Skywalk and the highest peak of St. George, leads the Biokovo road. It is a total of 23 kilometers long and is the highest road in Croatia. Skywalk Biokovo is located 13 kilometers from the main entrance, and it is approximately a 30-minute drive.

The road is paved but narrow and hilly, and it is driven in a particular mode. Since the very narrow road is used in 2 directions, there is lay-by every 300 meters so that vehicles can pass by. If you are not an experienced and skilled driver, this can be stressful. There are also frequent situations where one of the drivers has to go back in reverse. Given that all of this takes place at high altitudes, many drivers feel fear and discomfort. In such situations, minor accidents and vehicle damage can occur, and the nature park emphasizes that you drive on the Biokovo road at your own risk.

The good news is that you don’t have to go in your car to experience Biokovo and Skywalk.

4. Are there organised Skywalk Biokovo tours from Makarska?

If you are a little worried about the answer to the previous question, be calm. Although many visitors decide to go to Biokovo in their car or van, many guests opt for one of the organized tours. This is the best way to avoid the stress caused by driving on a narrow and two-way road, passing other vehicles, and potential scratches on the car.

In addition to this driving situation, organized tours are a faster way to get to your destination. Wondering how?

Due to the mentioned reasons and the condition of the Biokovo road, vehicles are allowed to pass according to the prescribed schedule. Specifically, 20 vehicles enter every full hour.

The situation is different for agencies and companies that run organized tours and have contracts with the nature park. They have scheduled and pre-booked appointments and entries without waiting for other vehicles.

In addition to these practical reasons, Biokovo is a beautiful mountain full of legends, anecdotes, and secrets. On an organized tour, guides will be happy to reveal more and guide you to all these stories, and this will surely further enrich your trip.

5. How much is the ticket for Biokovo Skywalk?

All visitors to the nature park are required to pay a ticket, and that same ticket is valid for Skywalk. Biokovo Skywalk ticket price is 8 € for an adult, and it’s a one-day ticket. You need to buy a Skywalk Biokovo ticket online on the official website. There you can check available times and book your tickets. There is no other option to buy tickets so keep in mind that you need to plan your trip in advance.

Children up to 7 years do not pay the entrance fee.

Depending on your plans, you can also buy a three-day, weekly or monthly ticket.

In addition, professional guidance and presentation services are offered.

You are obliged to keep your tickets during your entire stay in the nature park and show them to the officials if they request them.

If you are among those who have opted for an organized tour, a ticket is included in the tour price for most of the excursions on offer. In that case, you will get it at the entrance from your guide. You must, of course, keep it during the trip, and after the tour, it will remain as a small souvenir.

6. What is the weather on Biokovo Skywalk?

The weather in Biokovo is an essential item that is worth checking before going on a trip. If you go on an organized tour, the tour organizers will take care of it, and it is a more comfortable position for you. Most guides and drivers are well acquainted with Biokovo and the conditions on the mountain and will certainly not risk leaving in lousy weather.

They go to Biokovo Skywalk every day and have a good insight into the situation. The hill is often unpredictable, and in a few moments, the weather changes. Even in some micro-locations on the mountain itself, the weather may be different than in other parts. Therefore, it is always necessary to be careful.

Be sure to check the temperature on the mountain before departure. It often differs from that on the coast. Remember that even on the hottest days, bring a light jacket or long-sleeved T-shirt so that the weather doesn’t surprise you. This is especially important if you are planning to go all the way to the highest peak. There is sometimes snow on St. George in June as well!

7. Are there other things to see on Biokovo?

Skywalk Biokovo is not the only lookout point with an enchanting view.

Here is a list of some more that you can include in your tour if you go alone. If you are going on an organized tour, these points are definitely in your program.

– Staza is located 897 meters above sea level

– Štrbina is located at 1338 meters above sea level

– Vošac is located at 1422 meters above sea level

But there is no need to bother with their names. When you come to Biokovo, it will be apparent to you that every view of the mountain and its surroundings are beautiful.

If you are located in the city of Makarska, or you are planning a tour of Makarska, do not miss seeing the multimedia presentation center “Adrion in the heart of the mountain.” It is located at the city sports center in Makarska and provides an excellent insight into the origins and history of Biokovo, flora, and fauna.

It is modernly decorated and interactive. It reveals many details and excitingly presents them so that it will interest even the youngest.

Safety first!

Well, now we know a little more about this exceptional mountain and what you can expect on your way to Skywalk.

Of course, this is only part of the story of Biokovo and its wealth.

Before a trip that will surely be an excellent memory, it is worth emphasizing the most important thing – safety. These are always boring tips but life-saving tips. We must respect the mountain. Don’t go alone; dress and shoe appropriately and be sure to bring enough water with you. Preserve nature – put all waste in trash cans, and if there are none nearby, take it with you.

In the spring, especially in the fall, it is recommended to have a raincoat in case of a minor or significant downpour.

If the weather is cloudy, very windy, or it is raining heavily, the Skywalk closes. You will be notified immediately upon arrival at the main entrance. It is not harmful to check the Facebook page of the nature park if there is any information regarding the time and work of Skywalk.




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