Booking in Croatia: 5 steps to make it easier

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Booking in Croatia can be a real challenge but also an adventure. Many start looking too late, and many make mistakes in details like the dates or number of people when booking. For many, booking accommodation is a stressful task. Whether you are looking for your family or a group of friends, it is a great responsibility to find the ideal holiday oasis.

We bring you five simple tips to help you prepare well and set out on a quest to make this process easier for you. It will make it easier for you to find the perfect vacation spot.

Before we start the preparatory steps, feel free to imagine your vacation.

Time without worries, work, and obligations. Relax on the beach, swimming, excursions, romantic dinners. Enjoy your morning coffee overlooking the sea or watch the sunset with a glass of wine in hand. Sounds good?

Let’s get to work to make your vacation look like this:

1. Determine dates and possible alternatives

As you probably know, prices vary depending on the dates and period of the season and significantly affect the price. It is crucial to know the period you can and want to travel; when does your annual start? How many days do you plan to stay? If it is a fixed period, be sure to state it in your query, and if you are able, it is good to specify alternative dates while booking accommodation. For example, leaving the day before or moving the departure date by a day or two.

It is worth noting that by booking in Croatia, you can find accommodation throughout the year in the country. Depending on which region you are interested in, different types of accommodation are available.
Are you wondering what to do in Croatia during the year? Croatia is best known as a summer destination, and the most significant number of tourists come in the summer season, during July and August. However, many visitors are increasingly opting for off-season periods, so the tourist season on the entire coast begins as early as Easter and lasts until the end of October.
Off-season periods are ideal for those who want to avoid significant traffic jams, crowds on beaches and restaurants, and in peace to visit the most beautiful natural and cultural sights.
When booking in Croatia, you can choose between very high-quality offers at attractive prices during these periods.

2. Set a maximum budget

You must have calculated the “holiday” item in your budget. We suggest that you define the exact maximum amount that you can and want to set aside for accommodation. Determine the budget separately you will spend on transportation, excursions, outings, and shopping. It is vital to know in advance what you have and the highest price of the accommodation that is acceptable to you.

Of course, you do not have to stick to it blindly, and it is advisable to check what is offered in both more expensive and cheaper variants, so adjust the choice to your capabilities.
It is not uncommon to find a special offer that includes additional facilities that can enrich your vacation, such as wellness packages, excursions, or a la carte dinners. In that case, it is worth considering and adjusting the budget.

3. Select the type of accommodation

As with the season, prices vary depending on the type of accommodation, its equipment, distance from the sea, facilities included and the like. We are all different in what represents our ideal vacation, and some like to be in a hotel. For some, the beach’s proximity is essential, while the primary condition is intimacy. Of course, depending on your budget and offer, you can decide what suits you best.

Of course, requirements may vary depending on whether more people are traveling as a family or a group of friends. In that case, holiday homes with swimming pools and additional facilities that provide maximum comfort are ideal.
Also, when booking in Croatia, be sure to check out the offer of luxury holiday villas. Among them are amazing little discoveries. These facilities provide maximum comfort, privacy, and many additional facilities and are often located in beautiful nature.
On the other hand, hotel accommodation is indispensable for many guests because of its comfort and all the services at hand. At the same time, for some, the apartment by the beach is the best way to combine comfort and privacy while enjoying a great location.

4. List everything that is important to you

As with the type of accommodation, various additional services and options are offered, and it is up to you to decide what is important to you. Remember your past vacations, what was good for you, what you could not do without, and what you want to have on hand on vacation. For some it is a parking space, some prefer a large balcony, some are looking for a spacious bathroom, for some the possibility of breakfast is essential. We suggest that you list your priorities in order of importance before booking accommodation and choose accordingly. Also, when sending an inquiry or filtering offers on one of the platforms, be sure to list the most important ones to you.

Your future hosts will be grateful if you share what is important to you with them in advance. In this way, they can also provide some additional trifles that they may not have in their accommodation, or you can arrange other services with them at an additional cost. For example, suppose you need a transfer from the airport, a recommendation for a trip, or booking a romantic dinner in advance. In that case, your future hosts may be the best possible advisors and the best help with the organization.
Also, if you are traveling in a group or with family, consider their needs and details that could be important to them during the holiday.

5. Don’t forget the local agencies as well

For most people, when choosing accommodation, the first thought is to use some of the large global services that offer a variety of opportunities and which are rich in offers. You will not go wrong if you use them, but also consider local travel agencies that provide accommodation in destinations. They are often faster and more flexible, and they know the destination better and can be of great help when choosing and with additional tips.

Finally, let’s mention the most important thing that we did not touch on in the text, which you are sure to think about when booking in Croatia.
Of course, this is the destination of your trip.
Increasingly, visitors decide to visit several different destinations during their stay in Croatia and thus better get to know the country, people, cities, and natural beauties. It is a great way to visit several regions quickly and see some towns, some islands and spend a day or two in nature.
This choice is crucial for those who prefer a holiday with more relaxation and one destination.
We believe that most people have an area they would like to see and visit before looking for accommodation. In that case, you can adjust the search parameters accordingly or contact the travel agencies in the area to help you choose and recommend accommodation for you.
Following these steps for booking in Croatia and choosing the ideal oasis for your dream vacation, you may come across an apartment or luxury holiday villa that will delight you, but not in the destination you initially imagined.
In that case, we recommend that you again go through your lists and lists of necessities in the accommodation, weigh what is important to you and choose accommodation where you and your loved ones will feel comfortable throughout the stay and which will provide you with enough facilities and comfort.






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