Brela restaurants – best ones on Makarska Riviera

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Brela restaurants are the words that most of the tourist will type into the google search engine when coming to Brela on a vacation. There is really so much good restaurants in Brela so i would not highlight one of them. I hope with this blog you will have more informations about them so you could decide by yourself where to go. Restaurants in Brela are divided in two categories: restaurants and konoba´s. Konoba is the name for a restaurant that serves autochthonous food for this region, and they got their name for the room where all the food and tools were stored. Brela has few of these types of the restaurants: “konoba Feral”, “konoba Katara”, “konoba Galinac”, “konoba Ivandica Dvori”, “konoba Roko”. All of them have high standards in their service so you want make a mistake by choosing any of them. The biggest difference is in the location of the konoba´s. In the center of Brela, 10 m from the beach is “konoba Feral”, the best rated among all of the konoba´s in Brela. Little tip! Try their seafood, it is to die for.

“Konoba Katara” and “Konoba Galinac” are located higher in Brela, in the old part of the town. This is the reason why the view from above is heavenly. Food is, like in other restaurants, excellent.

“Konoba Ivandica Dvori” is somewhere in between these two locations. It is specially for its surrounding. It is a part of old, stone houses, with also great seaview.

All of the mentioned, because of their location, have organised transportation, so you do not need to worry if you want to have a glass of wine. They will pick you up from the arranged location and return you back.

“Konoba Roko” is in part of the town called Gornja Brela. There is a 15 min drive to this konoba, but it is worth of seeing. It can be a part of your schedule on your way back home since it is on the way to the highway. It can really show you how konoba looked 20-30 years before, with the specific food and specific way of preparing the food.

Restaurants are second category i wanted to say something about. The best rated one is the newest one, called “Obid”. It is located in the center of Brela, just like restaurant “Hrast” and restaurant “Palma”. They are among the oldest restaurants in this small town. Other restaurants in the center of Brela are restaurant “Nautica”,  “Arka” restaurant and restaurant “Obala”.

I just mentioned the restaurants in the center Brela. There are so much restaurants little bit further from the center, but equally good. I would rather leave them for one of the next blogs, so i do not skip one of them.

I hope you find this blog helpful and you will make your decision easier. If you are still indecisive, feel free to contact us for more informations. We would be glad to help in your search.




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