Climate in middle Dalmatia: Brela

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Today’s blog will be different from the other ones before because it will describe climate in our region, but from a personal experience.

In this part of Croatia, or better to say Dalmatia, season starts approximately at the end of March and lasts until the end of October. Private accommodation in Dalmatia does not have such a long season, but it is getting closer to it since more and more owners offer to their guests big variety of things to do while on vacation. Of course, people are concern regarding the weather on vacation. It really does not have a pattern how the weather is going to be during the year. From my experience, i can tell you that, for example, people were already swimming in the middle of April since the temperature of the sea was ideal for it, and the weather was sunny, without a trace of wind. For me, best time to have vacation in middle of Dalmatia is beginning of June, or second part of September. Why? There are more reasons. Weather is mostly sunny, without any wind. Enough warm to go for a swim and lay on the beach, but not that hot so you cannot sleep in the night. The temperature of the sea is warm enough, around 22° C. The number of tourists is still not as big as in highest season, when the streets and accommodation are almost overcrowded. You can take long walks, go somewhere with a bike or make excursion without breaking a sweat. Since i live in Brela, i can tell you more about life here. It is pretty nice when you do not need to turn your air condition just to survive in your apartment in Brela. Even though nowadays there are rare cases that Brela apartments do not have all modern appliances, it is nicer when you do not need to use them, especially AC. If you want to make excursion from Brela, it also possible to do it in June and September. It does not matter if the tours from Brela are on the land or on the sea, it can be done. Also, good news for all of you that on popular destinations like Dubrovnik, Split, or islands like Hvar or Vis are not that many people so you can easier explore them, and get on main attractions without traffic problems.

After all i have said, you can just think about changing your plan for this season, or maybe next. For now, you have made a right choice by reading this and choosing Croatia and Brela as your destination.



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