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Makarska Riviera, located in a great position between Split and Dubrovnik, can be ideal for digital nomads. From year to year, more and more foreigners decide to spend a whole year or a few months outside of the tourist season, and for you, we have gathered the reasons why it makes sense to do so.

1. Near the airports

Makarska Riviera is located in an ideal location compared to several airports. It is about an hour away from the airport in Split, and a little more than 2 hours of driving awaits you if you land in Dubrovnik. The exact amount of driving separates you from the airport in Zadar. The ride is not much longer even if you land outside Croatia, such as airports in Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) or Tivat (Montenegro).

You can rent a car at each of these airports and drive yourself to your destination. We recommend making a vehicle reservation in advance, especially if you need it for a more extended period. If you do not need a car, you can also book a transfer from the airport to your new home in advance and enjoy a carefree ride.

2. Good transport connections

Traffic connections are an essential feature that favors the Makarska Riviera, like the airport’s proximity. The Adriatic Highway runs along the entire Riviera, connecting all places, and using it, you can reach Split, Omis, and Dubrovnik from anywhere. The highway is ideal for those who like to enjoy the beautiful views of the ride, picturesque little places and stop in one of them along the way. It’s the best way to turn a ride into a small road trip and stop at beautiful places to take photos.

The famous Dalmatian highway connects the Croatian capital Zagreb ends in Ploče, so if you drive from Zadar or Split to the Makarska Riviera, you exit through the tunnel St. Elijah and very quickly you are in the city of Makarska or some other place on the Riviera.

Also, various bus lines run along the Riviera, and from the bus station in Makarska, you can travel to Split, Dubrovnik, or Zagreb at different times of the day.

3. Choice between beautiful small towns and the city of Makarska

Some of us fantasize about escaping and working in the silence and peace of some picturesque place on the coast and overlooking the sea, close to the beach or a beautiful promenade and nature, with lots of opportunities for relaxation. So we imagine our peace away from the noise and bustle, the traffic and the hustle and bustle of the city. Some others still want to feel the town’s rhythm, but in smaller quantities and want to get to know a smaller city where everything is accessible on foot, where there is a lot of nature and the sea and the opportunity to relax. On the Makarska Riviera, both of these options are very close.

The town of Makarska is a small town. Still, the center of the Riviera and the administrative center, many cafes, restaurants, and shopping centers are open in winter, and life is certainly more dynamic than in smaller places. In smaller places, you are guaranteed relaxation, and it is up to you what you decide.

4. Close to everything you need

Whether you choose the city of Makarska or one of the smaller places, everything remains very close to you. The entire Riviera stretches for about 60 kilometers. Wherever you decide to locate your base, you can very quickly get to another place in your free time to explore or to the city of Makarska. There are also larger supermarkets available for groceries, maybe buying clothes or additional IT and technical equipment if you forgot some of it.

In Makarska, as the center of the region, there is a hospital, and many health services (such as dental) are available in private practices in the city and other parts of the riviera. Similarly, pharmacies are open in most places.

5. Internet and mobile phone availability

For almost a century, Makarska Riviera has been a favorite destination of many tourists, so communications meet modern travelers’ requirements. You don’t have to worry about running out of cell phone signals anywhere because the whole area is covered by the signal (even 5G). The Internet is available in all places, so check the details with your hosts so you can use it carefree. In Brela, Tučepi, and parts of the city of Makarska, optical Internet is also available, which guarantees better quality and higher speeds, and you can check the coverage on the map. In any case, you have no fear that you will be left without the possibility of using the Internet somewhere.

If you come from the European Union, Croatia is a part; you can use the tariffs and options you already have activated. If you are not, domestic operators have different offers that include mobile data, so their offer can help you arm yourself with data and minutes.

This summer, in the municipality of Gradac, the first co-working space for IT nomads has been opened within the Entrepreneurship Center. It has served as an office for many experts from various European countries in the first months.

6. Climate and weather

The weather here is enjoyable all year round. The climate has all the characteristics of a Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and warm and mild winters. Nearly 3,000 hours of sunshine a year guarantee that you will be able to spend a lot of your time outdoors and enjoy the sun. The average winter temperature is about 10 degrees. Snow, fog, and ice are a real rarity here. You will feel the real winter in the case of the “bora” of the north wind characteristic of this area, but this phenomenon lasts for several days, after which the air is fresh and pleasant.

Living by the sea every day is extremely good for your health and reduces the risk of many diseases, and a pleasant walk by the sea is ideal for dealing with the stress caused by work.

7. Ideal starting position for trips

We have already said a lot about the good position of Makarska Riviera with airports and connections with other cities and parts of Croatia. Still, it is worth noting that this advantage is ideal to use your free time for trips to the most visited sights of Dalmatia and Croatia. If it is on your list to visit beauties like the Krka National Park, UNESCO pearls like the city of Split and Trogir, or unique Dubrovnik during your stay in Croatia, all this is practically at your fingertips. An hour or two drive separates you from most popular tourist attractions and beauties, and you need less than that, for example, Imotski or Omis.

Also, the back of the entire Makarska Riviera is guarded by the beautiful mountain Biokovo, especially suitable for nature trips. There is also a major tourist attraction, Skywalk, a glass promenade at 1228 meters above sea level worth a visit.

8. Great for sports activities

Walking, hiking, biking, running … you can do all this as soon as you leave your apartment. Beautiful promenades right by the sea are a trademark of the Makarska Riviera and are ideal for all these activities.

Due to the pleasant climate all year round, you can spend most of the day outdoors. If you have to find an indoor activity, in the city of Makarska, there are numerous gyms and exercise areas and a sports center with various facilities such as swimming pools. There are also outdoor exercise areas.

9. Smaller places, more connectivity

Unlike larger cities, people know each other much better in smaller places and socialize more. You will very quickly notice their connection and the Mediterranean liveliness of the small towns. Given the long tradition of tourism, locals accept foreigners well and are happy to share their way of life with them, wanting to introduce others to the customs and way of life. It is especially shown in the off-season, so don’t be surprised if they invite you to their tavern to try wine, pick olives, or hang out.

As most of them are engaged in tourism, the locals use several foreign languages, so you will not have problems with communication with most of them.

In the spirit of the Mediterranean, they will undoubtedly come up with a nickname for you, and it is most often related to the country you come from. You will also try to learn a few Croatian words, and in addition to the useful ones, there will also be a few swear words.

10. Wide accommodation offer

Many years of experience with tourism have meant for this region and the adaptation of offers and services to many tourists who come from all over the world. Apart from accommodation in hotels that you can find in all places, private accommodation offers a lot of possibilities. From standard apartments to luxury villas, there is no doubt that you can find what suits you.

Many years of experience with tourism have meant for this region and the adaptation of offers and services to many tourists who come from all over the world. Apart from accommodation in hotels that you can find in all places, private accommodation offers a lot of possibilities. From standard apartments to luxury villas, there is no doubt that you can find what suits you.

11. Dalmatian Islands at your fingertips

Croatia is a country known for having more than 1000 islands and islets. From the Makarska Riviera, ferries run to the islands of Brač and Hvar, so this can be one of the days or weekend trips during your stay. A ferry to the island of Brač departs from Makarska every day and from Drvenik to the island of Hvar. Also, in the warmer months, you can choose to rent a boat with a skipper that will take you to the island and even reveal to you the most secluded coves and beaches for swimming.

Many more details could be found on this list, but some things are really worth discovering on your own.

With its location and undiscovered opportunities, Makarska Riviera challenges you to discover it and enjoy the opportunities in a beautiful natural environment and a homely atmosphere that will, we bet, very quickly suck you in as its own.

If you need help with accommodation, transportation, or any other question, if you need advice, we are here for you!



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