Ferry From Makarska: How To Get To The Islands?

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A ferry from Makarska is a great way to get more out of your vacation and see nearby islands. How to get to the island, which is the most common line, and where to buy a ticket for the ferry from Makarska, are certain details that interest you, and you can find all the answers in the rest of this text, as well as useful tips for organizing a great trip.

The ferry from Makarska departs from the ferry port in the very center of Makarska. There is only one ferry line from that place to the nearest island, the island of Brač. The place where the ferry goes from Makarska is called Sumartin, and the journey takes approximately 50-60 minutes.

It is a ferry from the Croatian national company called Jadrolinija, and you can find a detailed timetable on their website. The schedule varies depending on the time of year, so check the schedule dates to ensure the line is running.

Ferry From Makarska To Brač

The ferry from Makarska to Brač operates throughout the year, but in winter and outside the tourist season, it runs less often than in the summer months.

The ferry also transports vehicles, but of course, you can travel without a car.

When organizing your trip, it is important to keep in mind that it is not a large ferry, but a smaller one that can fit approximately 25 vehicles, so in the summer months it is necessary to arrive at the ferry port a little earlier to ensure that you will get on the ferry traveling to the desired destination time. In the summer, there are frequent traffic jams, so many travelers decide to arrive at the ferry port earlier, and use the time until the ferry departs for a short walk, coffee, and buying snacks and pastries.

Ferry From Makarska Tickets

You can buy a ticket for the ferry physically at the Jadrolinija office located across the pier.

The price of a ticket for one person depends on the season and costs from €3.72 to €5.04. The price for an average-sized passenger car is from €16.99 to €22.03. For other vehicles, the price varies depending on their size, while moped transportation is somewhat more affordable. Transporting a bicycle costs the same as a ticket for one person. Children from 3 to 12 years old pay a lower ticket price, and children up to 1 year old do not pay for a ferry ticket.

You can also buy tickets for the ferry from Makarska online, and the ticket you bought is also valid as a reservation for a place on the ferry for a specific departure time.

When purchasing, in addition to all the information about the number of passengers and travel time, it is necessary to enter information about the type of vehicle and its size. The boarding of the vehicle on the ferry starts approximately 15-20 minutes before the departure of the ferry and the driver must be in the vehicle at that moment so that he can start boarding. At the entrance ramp, the driver shows the tickets for the vehicle, himself, and the passengers in the vehicle and starts to park his vehicle. Given the size of the ferry, the parking space is tight, and real skill in stacking vehicles is required to make the most of the space. This is the responsibility of the staff on the ferry who will direct you where to park and help you with instructions to park precisely.

After that, you can get out of the vehicle and enjoy the ride, the views, and the sun, buy coffee and sweets in the salon, or simply rest before arriving on the island.

The ferry line between Makarska and Sumartin is sometimes canceled, but this is much more common in winter than in summer. The reason for this is the strong wind that prevents the ferry from sailing.

Makarska To Dubrovnik Ferry

Ferry from Makarska to Dubrovnik is a very frequent question of guests from Makarska and the Makarska Riviera who would like to visit Dubrovnik, but this line does not exist. During the season, a catamaran occasionally runs to Dubrovnik, but if you want to transport a vehicle, the road to Dubrovnik is still the only option. If you still want to travel by boat on this route, it is possible by fast boat and private transfer.

As for other islands such as Hvar, the ferry to that destination departs from Drvenik, which is approximately a 40-minute drive from Makarska, or from Split, which is a little more than an hour’s drive away.

Ferry from Makarska is a great idea and a great opportunity to enrich your vacation on the Makarska Riviera and get to know the island of Brač, enjoy driving around the island and see its greatest sights such as Zlatni rat beach, Bol, Škrip, Pučišća…

Organized day trips also lead to these destinations, so it’s up to you to decide on the option that suits you best!




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