How to book accommodation in Brela? 5 things to know before

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Accommodation in Brela is in high demand, especially in the summer months such as July and August, when many spend their annual vacations in Croatia or Dalmatia. Brela is a small but recognizable tourist place on the Makarska Riviera that has been nurturing the tradition of tourism for almost a century and delights a large number of visitors year after year.

What makes Brela special? They are specific beaches that are on numerous lists of the most beautiful in Croatia, Europe, and even in the world, and which are truly breathtaking. In addition to the beaches, it is worth noting the untouched nature, the pine forest, and small coves ideal for swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing. Brela can also boast of an excellent gastronomic offer in numerous restaurants, and there are also beach bars that guarantee the best views and the best relaxation.

In the summer months, in addition to accommodation in Brela, guests are offered a large number of facilities on the beach and near the beach and various activities that are fun for both young and old, which ideally complement the vacation. The promenade that stretches through the entire town of Brela is ideal for pleasant walks, running, cycling and recreation, and the sea air is guaranteed to have a good effect on health and mood.

For a good mood, there are variously themed and fun evenings, concerts, and events with which you can fill your vacation.

Accommodation in Brela is a great choice for those who want more activities during their vacation because it is located very close to the Biokovo mountain, ideal for hiking, and the Cetina river, where you can try rafting, canyoning, zip line or rock climbing.

There is also the essential attraction Skywalk, but in an hour or two drive from Brela, you can easily reach other famous destinations such as Split, Dubrovnik, Krka National Park, and many others.

When you start looking for accommodation in Brela, you will see for yourself the diversity of the offer. From hotels, and villas with swimming pools, to family houses, rooms, and apartments, there is plenty to choose from and it can truly be said that there is something for everyone. So how do you find the best accommodation for yourself, your family, and your friends in Brela?

We bring you 5 tips that will make your search easier, which are good to define and take before starting the accommodation search.

1. When do you want to travel?

It seems like a banal question, but before you start looking for accommodation in Brela, it is important to know at least the approximate period of the year or tourist season in which you need accommodation. Although the largest number of guests come on vacation during July and August, Brela is also a great choice for a vacation during spring and autumn. The climate is suitable, it is less hot, there are fewer crowds, and there is more opportunity to relax and enjoy.

The first guests visit Brela mainly from Easter, and many choose to come to Brela during the late days of October when the season generally ends.

When you decide which period you are looking for, you can see what is offered in that period, and if you know the exact dates, you can immediately check the availability of the specific objects you are interested in.

This brings us to the second step.

2.What kind of accommodation in Brela do you need?

Accommodation in Brela, as we have already said, offers something for various types of travelers. It can seem to you when you just start your search that there is too much of everything and that there is no way to choose the ideal one for you. Don’t worry, through a few simple criteria and priorities you can easily find what you are looking for or at least defined criteria of what you need. When you have determined the travel date or at least the approximate period or month during which you would like to stay in Brela, it is your turn to define what type of accommodation is ideal for you. Most often, the type of accommodation depends on the number of people traveling together.

If you are traveling as a couple, your choice can be a hotel room, a room in private accommodation with breakfast, or a smaller apartment where you will have everything you need. If you are traveling with your family, you will certainly need a larger apartment, and depending on the number of children, more bedrooms.

A good choice for families is whole houses with a swimming pool, where you can have maximum comfort. When choosing accommodation for several couples or families, it is often possible to find separate smaller apartments in the same house, which many guests choose as an option.

In your search or inquiry that you send to the agency, it is certainly worth highlighting the exact number of people, children and children’s ages, as well as which option suits you in terms of sleeping arrangements and the number of bedrooms.

3. Which part of Brela is the best for accommodation?

There is no correct answer to this question. The position of your apartment or house where you will find your accommodation in Brela largely depends on what your priorities are when looking for accommodation.

For some it is the proximity of a certain beach, it is the proximity of facilities such as restaurants and markets, and some like to have a unique view of the whole place and spectacular sunsets. While some enjoy secluded houses away from traffic and events, others like to be located near all the events and the city center. It is important that you roughly know what is important to you on vacation.

For example, if you can’t imagine a morning without coffee on the balcony or sunset without drinking a glass of wine on the terrace, then you should have a balcony or terrace with an excellent unobstructed view in your accommodation. If it is important for you to be able to jump to the beach, and then return to rest in the apartment, do not leave this criterion out when searching or sending inquiries to the local agency.

4.How much budget for accommodation in Brela do you have?

When planning a vacation, everyone plans a certain budget that they plan to spend on their vacation, and its important segments, in this case, are certainly the price of accommodation in Brela, the costs of food and drinks, excursions, and additional activities.

Accommodation prices, as everywhere, differ depending on the period of the season, and of course also on the type of accommodation, the contents of the accommodation, its quality and equipment, and then also the location.

Of course, when viewing offers, it is important to check whether the price fits into your budget, and if you know it in advance, it can make your search easier but don’t take it as a limitation or an obstacle to the perfect accommodation. Most quality apartments or houses offer excellent value for money and guarantee good quality and all essential facilities.

5.When is the best time to book accommodation in Brela?

The coronavirus epidemic and global events have to some extent affected the habits of consumers and tourists, so last-minute accommodation bookings have been acceptable and quite common in recent years. But over time, the number of people traveling returns to the levels of 2019, and with that, vacation planning and booking of all vacation-related content are happening much earlier.

Most people plan annual vacations in advance and immediately start looking for accommodation, and when you start looking for accommodation in Brela already in January, you have a lot more choices and a lot more possibilities. It is also a good time to send information inquiries, and check offers, and gives you enough time to make a decision and book before the season starts.

In the height of the season, it is not impossible to find accommodation, but there are fewer choices, and the prices are higher.

It is good advice for everyone who can know the travel dates in advance to book flights, transfers, and accommodation in time so that they can face the holiday season carefree and enjoy it.

You can search for accommodation in Brela through well-known services for booking accommodation, you can directly contact the landlords, and you can get quality accommodation and great offers by contacting a local agency that knows the offer, prices, and facilities very well, and can also help you and provide all the additional necessary information about the destination, additional services, as well as arranging transfers, excursions, and activities.




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