How to drive when a strong bura is blowing?

Icon 10.01.2022
Icon By natalija
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Strong bura seems dangerous? We have already written about the strength and characteristics of the bura wind and the interruptions of maritime and road connections on some road routes in Croatia.

Strong bura across the Adriatic coast is a common cause of various traffic problems and accidents. This is especially common at the foot of the Velebit mountain. In any case, wherever the bura blows, extra caution is needed when driving, so here are some essential tips for adapting your ride to this strong wind.

Before setting off, be sure to check the condition of the roads, where there are strong gusts, and whether any of the sections are possibly closed to traffic. In some situations, roads will be closed to trucks and similar vehicles and open to cars.

Of course, if possible, consider the option of postponing the trip.

Since this is sometimes impossible, try following these tips.

  1. Hold the steering wheel firmly with both hands.
  2. Avoid sudden movements of the steering wheel.
  3. Adjust the travel speed.
  4. Avoid driving near other cars, especially vans, buses, and trucks.
  5. Whenever possible, stick to the middle of the road.

As always, when driving, it is essential to set off rested, drive calmly and carefully, with maximum concentration, and avoid panic and sudden reactions while driving.

Have a safe trip!



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