Makarska Parking 2024: Where To Park? 

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Makarska parking is certainly one of the practical questions you will ask yourself if you are on your summer vacation, a one-day trip, or if you are coming to some special event.

Makarska is the only city and the center of the Makarska Riviera, which stretches for about 60 kilometers, and is a very popular tourist destination for many tourists from Croatia and Europe who visit it every year in increasing numbers. The tourist season on the Makarska Riviera usually starts a little before Easter and lasts until the beginning of November. However, the majority of tourists are at their peak, at the end of July and beginning of August, when more beds are requested in all places.

Considering that Croatia is known as a car destination and a very large number of tourists reach their destinations by car, it is clear that the question of where to park is very important. Especially at the height of the season, when all accommodation facilities are full, and many tourists come on one-day trips to Makarska from other destinations. There is of course the local population and many workers in tourism.

Makarska parking then becomes the most sought-after commodity and the most common topic, and we bring you the most important information you need to know about parking in Makarska, as well as tips on how to avoid hours of searching for parking.

Makarska parking: where is it? 

The city of Makarska is divided into three parking zones, which are marked with different colors.

Red indicates the narrowest city center, yellow is the wider center, and parking lots outside the city center are marked in blue. Makarska parking is paid in the winter period (from October 1 to May 31) from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., and in the summer months from 6:00 a.m. to 2 am. In winter, parking is free on Sundays and holidays.

Makarska parking: prices 2024? 

Parking prices in Makarska differ by zone and by a period of the year. The red zone (city center) in the summer months costs 4 € per hour, and in the winter months 0,90 € per hour. The price of parking in the yellow zone is 2 € in summer and(€0.7 in winter, while parking in the blue zone is 1 € in summer and 0.40 € in winter. Parking fees are controlled throughout the city, and if you don’t pay, you will most certainly receive a fine in the amount of the daily parking ticket.

Makarska parking: how to pay? 

You can pay for parking on special devices located in the parking lots themselves, by inserting coins. If you don’t have coins, don’t worry – there are also machines that change bills into coins, so you can chop money to pay. Parking is charged by the hour, so if you plan to stay for more than an hour, make sure you pay for enough hours to avoid getting a ticket or having to go back to your car to renew your parking ticket.

It is also possible to pay for parking via SMS, by sending a message with your license plate to the number indicating the zone where you parked. In this case, you can subsequently extend the parking by sending a new SMS message.

Makarska parking: how to find it? 

The answer to this question would be worth a lot of money, and the formula for how to find parking is for sure needed by many, both locals and tourists. The number of parking spaces does not meet the needs of everyone, so it is necessary to have a lot of patience when looking for a parking space and calculate the time for the search in advance. Of course, it is easier to find it outside the city center. So arm yourself with patience, open your eyes wide, you and the passenger, and drive to a free parking space. If you fail in this, definitely try the alternative of parking outside the center.

At several locations in the city, there are also displays that show how many free spaces there are in which parking lot, i.e. whether all spaces are occupied, so this can also make your search easier.

Makarska parking: tourist buses?

Makarska parking for tourist buses is provided in special locations, and a special one-time fee of HRK 300.00 during the summer and HRK 100.00 during the winter is payable for the entrance by tourist bus. The daily bus parking ticket in the summer months is HRK 1,000.00 for buses and vans (8+1).


The most important advice for parking in Makarska, as well as otherwise, is to park in marked places and not to leave vehicles in unmarked places, pedestrian zones, and green areas. Of course, pay for parking on time to avoid a fine, and don’t forget to save the payment SMS and display the receipt in the car if you paid on the machine. In periods when there is a lot of traffic, look for parking lots outside the center itself and walk instead of looking for parking for hours. A good alternative for guests from other places on the Riviera is to arrive by public transport or taxi.




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