Nugal Beach Parking: How To Get There?

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Nugal beach must have jumped out at you as one of the suggestions if you were searching for locations that you must visit on the Makarska Riviera or if you were looking for the most beautiful beaches in Croatia.

Nugal beach is located on the Osejava peninsula, located between the town of Makarska and the town of Tučepi. The Osejava peninsula itself and the forest park of the same name are wonderful locations, ideal for relaxing, walking, running, and cycling. You can get from Makarska to Tučepi and vice versa on the paths through Osejava. You don’t have to be in top shape for this, but be sure to have comfortable shoes and enough water if you decide to do such an activity.

The entire road and Osejava are full of beautiful and photogenic locations, small coves, relaxing shade, and wonderful views, so whatever time of year you visit the Makarska Riviera, it is worth taking a walk and spending some time in nature by the sea.

The most famous part of Osejava is certainly Nugal and the beach, and probably the most visited.

Interestingly, until recently, only locals and well-informed guests knew about this beach, usually those who have been vacationing in this area for many years.

In 2019, Nugal Beach was declared the third most beautiful beach in Europe by the readers of European Best Destinations, and in 2020 Cone Nast Traveler included it among the 25 most beautiful beaches.

This brought enormous popularity to this location and many enthusiastic visitors, but also problems with parking, which became the number one issue for everyone who wants to see this piece of paradise on earth with their own eyes.

Before we answer and help you with that important question, here are the 5 most important things you need to know about Nugal beach:

  1. Nugal beach is FKK beach (naturist beach) 
  2. It’s a pebble beach 
  3. You need to walk there (unless you are on a boat or yacht) 
  4. There are no bars, shops, clubs, restaurants, ice cream shops…
  5. There are no deck chairs or umbrellas to rent, the shade is natural from the pine trees

Nugal Beach Parking 

Nugal beach parking is one of the most important things you should think about before you start exploring this beach. The Osejava peninsula cannot be reached by car, and parking is prohibited along the main road. Despite this, many people leave their cars next to the main highway, which is both dangerous and punishable, so almost everyone gets a parking ticket.

Don’t risk the inconvenience, the possibility of damaging your car, or causing an accident.

If you are spending your vacation in Tučepi or Makarska, it is easiest to visit this beach on foot. Depending on where your apartment is, it will take you 45 minutes to an hour to reach this beauty. Don’t go when it’s hottest, choose the morning and early evening times, and be sure to bring enough water.

The path to the beach is well-marked and you will easily find your way.

Nugal Beach Parking Alternatives 

If you are not a person for a lot of walking or you are staying in another place, a good alternative is a taxi that can bring you very close to the Osejava Forest Park from where you can walk to the beach.

There is no public transport or bus stop close to Nugal beach.

You can park your car in Tučepi near the Hotel Jadran or in Makarska, and from there head towards Nugal beach.

Take all this information into consideration, plan your trip to Nugal beach well, ask your hosts for additional details, and be sure to charge your cell phones and cameras for the most beautiful photos you will ever take!




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