Rent A Boat Brela: 5 Reason Why To Book It Now

Icon 08.06.2022
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Rent a Boat Brela is an opportunity to complete your vacation in Brela significantly and treat yourself to your loved ones a day to remember. With excellent accommodation, beaches, and restaurants, this is an additional activity that can enrich your vacation this year. If you have not used such services so far and do not know what it takes to rent a boat, read these reasons and details that await you on the trip.

This type of excursion gives you more comfort, free time, and the opportunity to discover some less visited places and ski coves that will delight you. On the other hand, driving and enjoying the beautiful views of Brela, Makarska Riviera, and the islands are a unique experience.

1. A whole boat just for you

When you rent a boat, it is only yours for the day, and you enjoy it with your family and friends. Unlike other boat trips organized for a more significant number of people, you can be sure that you will have maximum privacy and comfort when you decide to rent a boat in Brela. You can be as relaxed as possible, have enough space, and enjoy sunbathing and talking without people you don’t know. Also, the boats are well equipped and comfortable. They have sun protection, refrigerators, and everything you need to relax in peace and enjoy the ride to the destination you have chosen.

Those who have the necessary permits and documents to manage the ship can manage it themselves, and for those who do not have or want to relax completely, there is a service with a skipper. In that case, the skipper is there all day for you and takes care of everything related to the boat, docking, and sailing, and yours is to enjoy.

2. Choose the islands you will visit yourself

Since you rent a boat only for yourself and your company, you can choose which islands to visit. You can combine two or more islands if you want to see as much as possible, and you can combine sightseeing with swimming in secluded coves and beautiful beaches. The closest to Brela are the islands of Hvar and Brač, and many decide to see Vis and the beautiful Blue cave.

Please note that the rental price does not include fuel; fuel is paid for by consumption. So, the more you drive and the more fuel you use, the more you will pay for renting a boat.

All the itinerary details are best arranged in advance when renting and approximately determine the route and destinations you will visit.

3. You determine the pauses yourself

The significant advantage is that you create the whole itinerary when you rent a boat Brela. The skipper will, of course, tell you how long the ride is and what is worth visiting, where to stop, which bay is a good restaurant for lunch, and other important information. Still, it is up to you to decide whether to spend more time on the beach or visit several places on the islands, drink coffee there, and how long you will stay for lunch.

Of course, if possible, you can change the initial plan during the ride, depending on the mood and what you find more attractive during the trip.

4. Skipper available whole day

Because of all the above, a skipper is a significant person on this special day of yours. They know how much time it takes to drive, approximately how much it takes you to explore, where the most beautiful ski coves are and where you can eat well. These professionals know the whole area, the sea, and the islands well, and their advice is worth its weight in gold to make the most of your time and day on board.

5. Beautiful locations, hidden coves, unique photos

Many destinations and places you will see during such a trip are not in the usual programs of organized tours and therefore rent a boat Brela is a unique opportunity to discover smaller charming places on the islands, beautiful bays, and beaches, take amazing photos, and videos and all great have fun in a relaxed and private atmosphere with those you know.

Apart from excursions, many guests rent a boat Brela as an option for transport from one place to another because it is a fast way to travel, and you will certainly not get into traffic jams on the roads that are frequent during the tourist season. For example, suppose you are traveling from destination to destination. In that case, this can be a great way to do it while enjoying the ride, the sea, the sun, seeing some new destinations, and discovering a different perspective. Likewise, a trip from your destination to the airport can be organized this way.




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