Rent a Car Brela: 7 Things To Know

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Rent a car Brela is an excellent choice if you want to get from the airport to your summer oasis, hotel, or apartment, or you want to embark on an adventure of exploring the beauties of Dalmatia, beautiful cities, national parks, and natural beauty.

How to choose the most accessible car and what to look out for, and what you need to know; see below through seven things you need to know.

1. From the airport or at the destination?

As we have already said, if you plan to use a rented vehicle during your vacation in Brela, it is best to make a vehicle reservation when booking accommodation to avoid all being booked or the price being very high. Also, it is best to determine in advance what car you need on vacation. Some guests who arrive by plane and land at the airport decide to rent a car instead of a private transfer and drive to their destination. This is an excellent option if you want to do sightseeing, make a purchase, visit a place, or need a car the next day for a trip.

When you rent a car at the airport, you have two options. One is to use it throughout your vacation and return to the airport before departure, and the other is to leave it after you arrive at the destination and no longer need the vehicle and pay only for the days you used. In this case, an additional fee called a one-way price is possible.

If you did not rent a vehicle immediately upon arrival at the airport but want it at the destination, this is not a problem either. In Brela, you can rent a car and return it there without worries.

2. Rent a car Brela for a few days or throughout your stay?

Before renting a car in Brela, consider how much you plan to drive during your vacation. You may already have scheduled dates for some excursions or activities that require transportation or want to tour the area on day two. It is best to rent a car just for those days and then make the most of your time. It is necessary to check the distances, list the destinations and make a rough route plan to make the most of the vehicle and see as much as possible.

If you decide to have a vehicle throughout your stay, you also have more flexibility to change plans or stay longer at a destination. For example, guests arriving in the pre-season or post-season are more likely to opt for longer rentals, while most opt for longer beach enjoyment in the summer months.

3. Payment, insurance, and other details about renting a car Brela

The vehicle is rented for 24 hours. So if the rental starts at 9 am, you need to return the car the next day at 9 am. Anything beyond that is considered a new day, and so they are charged. In addition to the car rental itself, which includes basic insurance, most car rental companies also charge for additional vehicle insurance. Additional insurance is the difference; let them cover everything, let only certain types of damage. We advise you to inquire further when hiring and meeting with a rent a car agent, and if you think it is necessary, pay additional insurance to be as carefree as possible.

It is important to note that no insurance covers costs such as traffic fines, speeding fines, and parking fines. They are borne by the person who rented the vehicle.

4. Delivery and drop off

Rent a car Brela is the simplest solution for you when it comes to delivering or returning the vehicle. Whether you spend your vacation in Brela in a hotel or private accommodation or a holiday villa, the car will be delivered to your address and picked up after renting it there. This service is included in the price, and you have no extra worries about finding a rent a car office and the additional cost of a pout taxi to get there.

As for fuel, the rule that you will agree with the agent when taking over the vehicle must be followed. He will point out the type of fuel, and it is often displayed on the car itself or the key ring. If it is not there or you are not sure, check it in the vehicle booklet before refueling!

If you took a car with a full tank, you must return it complete. If it was half full, it must be the same on the way back. If you want to avoid going to the gas station, you can arrange with the agent to perform this service, which is charged extra.

5. Which car to rent?

The offer of vehicles in most rentals is quite broad; it goes from the most miniature cars to vans. Which is ideal for you depends primarily on the number of people and whether you go by car only on day trips or you need to fit in the vehicle and entire luggage. If it is luggage or you have other things like prams, scooters, and the like, it is better to take a larger vehicle with a larger trunk. If you are going on a day trip, you will probably only have handbags, rucksacks, and beach gear, so in that case, you can also rent a smaller vehicle. Most guests opt for a smaller car if they visit cities because it is easier to drive and find free parking.

Rent a car Brela also offers additional options such as renting a child seat or booster for children, which is also required by law, and a GPS device or mobile wi fi router if you need it. These extras are charged extra.

6. Check the green card

You need a green card if you plan to cross the state border of the Republic of Croatia with a rented vehicle. For example, if you plan to go on a trip and visit Mostar or Medjugorje, or Kravice waterfalls, it is mandatory to have a green card at the border. Keep the same in mind if you are going to Dubrovnik. On the way to Dubrovnik, you need to pass a small part through Bosnia and Herzegovina, so you need a green card.

It is usually already included in the rental price, but just in case, check when renting.

7. Where to go?

If you have decided to rent a car Brela, there are many options in front of you that are ideal for visiting by car. An hour or two drive from you are beautiful cities such as Split, Trogir, Sibenik, and Dubrovnik and natural beauties such as the Krka National Park, the river Cetina, the mountains Biokovo, and Skywalk. The car is ideal if you decide to explore smaller places in the area, visit the most beautiful beaches of the Makarska Riviera or go for lunch at one of the famous restaurants.

We advise you to check the parking possibilities in that destination before going on a trip and whether there are any special rules about driving, major road works and the like.



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