Šibenik & National Park Krka

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After blog about Zadar, we continue to write you more about Dalmatia and its bigger cities like Split, Dubrovnik, Imotski and more. Šibenik is our todays topic and we are going to tell you something more about it.

Šibenik is an old city, very important for Dalmatia and Croatia through all of the history. We will try to tell you more interesting information’s regarding this historic city.

First mention of Šibenik was in 11. century, when a king gave a royal freedom to the city of Zadar. Like other cities in Dalmatia, Šibenik was also between strong forces like Ottoman Empire, Italy and Habsburg Monarchy. Because of this, even now you can see many different influences in its architecture and customs. Today Šibenik has around 45,000 citiziens and is one of the biggest cities in Dalmatia. It is very interesting for the tourist because they have a lot to see while visiting. First sign of an old architecture are city walls, made to defend inhabitants from enemies attacks. Since Šibenik was important harbor and had great geostrategic location, it was interesting to neighbourhood countries. Except city walls, there are many other places to see and visit. Šibenik is filled with historic buildings, churches and foretresses. Especially interesting is St. Jacob church which is part of UNESCO world heritage. It is a peace of art, built for over  100 years. The most important builder was Juraj Dalmatinac, who made the greatest impact on this architectural marvel. Beside old churches, other thing you need to see is the second oldest hydro power damp in the world called „Jaruga“. Close to the city of Šibenik is also one oft he prettiest national parks in Croatia, called NP „Krka“. If your plan is to visit Šibenik, then this is a „must see“ place.

We are hoping you will find out something new and interesting while reading this blog. For more informations about Dalmatia, feel free to ask or wait for our next blog.



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