Split: The Capital of Dalmatia

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Todays blog will tell you something about one of the most impressive cities in whole Croatia. Split is the largest city in Dalmatia region, and second largest in Croatia. According to last data from 2011., Split has 178.192 inhabitants. It is unique by the center of the city, where the houses are integrated into Diocletian Palace, made by the Roman emperor from the 4. century. It is under the UNESCO protection from 1979. and a architectural symbol of Dalmatia. Diocletian was one of four Roman emperor that led with the whole empire. He made this palace so he could retire and heal himself (had problems with disease, area of today’s Split had healing spa). Nowadays, the palace is best preserved late antique monument in the world. In the 7. century people that lived on this area became Christians, which is also clear when you see the architecture of the city and many churches built in that period. As most cities in Dalmatia, Split was also many centuries under Venetians, and one period under Habsburg Empire.

All of these foreign influences can be seen just by walking through city of Split and watching the specific architecture for those forces.


Things to see while in Split:


Diocletian Palace

Basments of the Diocletian Palace


Jupiter tempel

St. Domnius cathedrale

Foretress Gripe



Except the architecture, Split can be praised by their museums. Our recommendation is to visit Split´s museum of sport and maritime museum. People that live in Split like to think that Split is “the most accomplished sports city in the world”. Small confirmation of that thesis lays in a fact that after Olympic games in Athena 2004., Split is the city with most olympic medals in the world, when you look at the number of people living in the city. The most iconic symbol of Split is football club “HNK Hajduk Split”. The connection between the club and the people of Split is unbelievable. All over the city and Dalmatia are signs of the club, on the walls and buildings. While in Dalmatia, you have to go to the football game and see unique atmosphere created by the oldest fan group in Europe called “Torcida”.

Since Split is expanding every year and more guest are arriving because it is so attractive, there is need for more accommodation. So in last few years hotels in Split are spreading like “mushrooms after the rain”. Apartments in Split or rooms in Split are also expanding rapidly so it could satisfy market. One of the highlights during the Split summer is Ultra music festival when people from all over the world are coming to enjoy themselves. Those few days Split apartments are filled with young people that want to have fun and listen to the most famous DJ-s in the world.

We hope this blog will help you make a decision if you are indecisive about coming to Split or Croatia. Welcome 😉



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