Split – Soul and Spirit of Dalmatia Region

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Hello guys! There was a little break with our blogs, but today is a perfect day to continue with small texts about beautiful Croatia.

We are going to write you about city you already heard if you know anything about Croatia. It is a center of Dalmatia region, and the name is Split.

It is a city that has cca 200,000 people with surrounding cities and villages. Since most of that kind of informations you can find on the internet, we will write something about people and customs. Croatian people often say that Split is “the craziest city in the world”, and the reason are the people living in it and their mentality. It is still preserved within central part of the city, especially with elderly people still living in that area. You can see that mentality in the articles of our local news, in matches that regional football symbol “Hajduk Split” plays. in celebrations like “Sv. Duje day”, saint and the protector of the city. Maybe it is easier to explain on the example of Goran Ivanišević, world famous tennis player, with very characteristic mentality, passionate and emotional.

Because of the globalization and expanding tourism effect, this old mentality is being lost from day to day. That is the reason why you should visit Split and Dalmatia region as soon as possible. To see still the living spirit and the soul of an old city, customs of the people living in the bare center of Split, Diocletian Palace. To see people playing cards and cursing during the game, old ladies talking from one window to another, to go on a football match and see the beautiful stadium “Poljud”, see that southern atmosphere and similar.

It is worth of going to Split and see all of this and much more. You would not be disappointed.



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