Walk By The Sea: 3 Reasons To Start Today

Icon 09.11.2021
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Walk by the sea reminds you of summer? Holidays by the sea are most often associated with summer, swimming, and diving, and most people choose the summer months for their vacation by the sea. However, the sea is beneficial outside the bathing season in many ways. Its benefits for our health are immeasurable, and the sea is an excellent ally in treating some conditions and prevention.

Hippocrates also emphasized the healing properties of seawater, and many throughout history have turned to the positive effects of the sea and coastal climate on human health.
Claude De la Bonnardiere, a French physician, devised a seawater treatment system in 1867, calling it thalassotherapy (from the Greek thalas, meaning sea), another 19th-century Frenchman, Rene Quinton, popularized thalassotherapy.
Sea and seawater are still an integral part of various preparations and medicines today.

In the period behind us, when the coronary virus pandemic took hold and marked our daily lives, it has become perhaps more important than ever to take care of our health.
Walking by the sea is one of the easiest ways to do something good for your health and feel better afterward.
Even if you are not an overly athletic type, you can enjoy this activity at your own pace, and along the way, discover the magic of a seaside holiday when it is not summer and summer bustle.

1. Walk by the sea is good for the lungs

Walking near the sea is highly pleasing to our lungs. In this way, we inhale the microdroplets of seawater, which are formed when the waves crash against the shore.
These tiny salt particles in the air are rich in negative hydrogen ions and trace minerals. As such, they travel to the deepest regions of the pulmonary alveoli, making it easier for us to absorb oxygen.
The combination of wind, unique air, sun, aromatic herbs, and essential oils and minerals make the marine climate immensely healing for our health.

2. Walk by the sea is good for the skin

As we said, sea salt is rich in valuable minerals, and magnesium, calcium, and potassium are great for our skin. They help fight the bacteria that cause acne and are an excellent natural remedy for other conditions like various eczema. The sea makes the skin softer, more elastic and reduces itching and redness. Of course, swimming in the sea is beneficial, but walking and collecting valuable particles improves the condition of our skin. Swimming or walking by the sea will make you look better.

3. Relaxation is key

Everyday life is full of stress, brisk rhythm, and fast pace. A walk by the sea while listening to the sounds of nature has been proven to reduce anxiety and restore peace and calm. According to some research, people who live by the sea and have frequent walks along with it are happier and less stressed.


There are many other benefits of the sea on our body and the positive effects of various therapies and preparations based on the sea on health and quality of life.
If the sea is at hand, take advantage of the luxury you have and do something good for your health. If not, take the first opportunity to escape near the sea for a few days and take a step towards better health and relaxation with relaxing walks.

Of course, walking itself as an activity is healthy, so it’s a great way to combine exercise and the healing properties of the sea air for your well-being.
And one little secret, walking on the beach burns twice as many calories as walking on the promenade or sidewalk, so take advantage of that.




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