Wineries in Croatia – Top 4 Wine Destinations from Makarska Riviera

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Wineries in Croatia are becoming more and more visited destinations every year. More and more wine lovers are sure to include a visit to a wine cellar, vineyards, or winery in their holiday plans. Likewise, those who are not wine connoisseurs are happy to visit wine roads and taste indigenous wines.

Thanks to local winemakers, much have been done to promote Croatian wines and their recognizability during the last decade. The effort was reflected in the offer itself, so if you are a wine lover or want to know more, Croatia is an ideal destination to fit good wine into your vacation.

The tradition of growing vines and wine production dates back to the distant past, and the oldest trace dates back to the 5th century BC.

Wineries in Croatia can be found in almost every corner of the country. Each region has its characteristics and differs in the method of cultivation, production, which guarantees a wealth of flavors. Therefore, be sure to taste an excellent drop wherever you go and immerse yourself in the rich flavors and aromas.

Type of wines in Croatia

It is easy to be convinced of Croatia’s wealth regarding wine just by looking at the wine lists. If we look at the regions, here are the varieties that are most often grown:

  • Northwestern Croatia: Graševina, Rhine Riesling, Chardonnay, Škrlet, Pinot Blanc, and Pinot Gris.
  • Northeastern Croatia: Graševina, Green Silvana, Rhine Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, and Gray, Traminer, Sauvignon, Frankovka, and Zweigelt.
  • Istria: Malvasia, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Teran, Refox, Pinot Blanc and Gray, Chardonnay, Muscat, Vrbnik Žlahtina.
  • Dalmatia: debit, pošip, maraština and grk, white vugava, plavac, bogdanuša, dessert wine prosecco, dingač, babić, merlot.

wineries in croatia wines dalmatia

Where to taste good wines in Croatia?

If you are to spend your vacation in Croatia, it is a real shame not to explore the wine magic of the area where you are. You can find them in every good restaurant where the staff will help you to combine it in the best way with gastronomic delights and delicious snacks. You can also visit a nearby wine shop or look for good wines at a local shop.

In many resorts throughout Dalmatia, you will find charming small wineries. There is no better entry into the world of wine. And there is undoubtedly no better ambiance for tasting wine than in the natural surroundings of distinctive Mediterranean streets, squares, or a view of the sunset and the sea.

If you have decided to dedicate an entire day or more to wine, we have prepared something to make it easier to design your trip and organize excursions. Wineries in Croatia, easily reachable from Brela, known for their quality and tradition, are at your fingertips. It’s the guarantee for an unforgettable day for whichever option you choose. If you have enough time, put them all on your to-do list, and you will not regret it.

Where to go, how long does the ride take, what to taste? We bring the answers to all these questions through the four recommendations below, and it is up to you to go and enjoy wine, people and nature.

croatian wineries dalmatia wine

1. Wineries in Croatia: Island Brač

The story of wine and the Croatian islands is worth starting with hedonism, and that is logical and takes us back to the roots of vine growing and wine production that goes back to ancient peoples. Such is the case with the island of Brac. The tradition of growing and preserving wine and cultivating vineyards in their original form has been kept from ancient times. For centuries, wine has meant life to the island of Brač. The difficult times of the phylloxera that ravaged the vineyards for Brač meant emigration and difficult years.

However, the vineyards are recovering over time, and Brač winemaking is returning to the big door.

We recommend a visit to Stina winery located in Bol. Bol is widely known for its unique beach Zlatni rat, but more and more visitors come precisely because of the wine.

Stina Winery is located in the center of Bol, and the building was built in 1903 and belonged to the First Dalmatian Wine Cooperative. As early as 1909, award-winning wine was produced there. And that was in Paris at the International Wine Exhibition!

In 2009, the cellar was renovated, and a new era of Stina wine began. The word Stina in Croatian means “stone.” The stone is one of the trademarks and symbols of the island of Brač, and that is why the wine labels and the ambiance of the winery are unique. You can visit it every day and taste a glass of wine, and you can also choose to come to the presentation and guided winetasting to learn more about the history and production of wine. Today, the four most important species are Pošip, Plavac mali, Opol, and Vugava.

The vineyards of Brač are also noteworthy, located in specific locations, and if you come to Brač by car, you will spend time driving along some of them.

2. Wineries in Croatia: Pelješac

Real connoisseurs have certainly already heard of Peljesac. This peninsula is indispensable on the wine list of Croatia, but also of Europe. They call him the homeland of the Plavac mali variety. The most famous wines are Dingač and Postup, and their names come from the eponymous locations where grapes are grown. The vineyards are specific for their sunny position, and the unique feature is the manual cultivation since the terrain does not allow machining.

By the way, 250 wine producers are registered on the Pelješac peninsula. If you are a fan of red wine, there is no better place to spend the day and enjoy the richness of taste. Besides wine and beautiful vineyards, Pelješac also captivates its relaxing landscape, stunning views, and peace. Because of all this, it will seem to you that you have stepped into another time.

From Brela to Peljesac, the ride takes a little over 2 hours, so this is an ideal choice for a day trip.

Our recommendation is to include the Matuško winery on the list of wineries to visit. It is located a bit hidden, in a beautiful location near the Dingač tunnel, and regularly leaves visitors breathless with an impressive tasting room. The wine cellar of about 100 meters is not to be left out either.

In the Matuško winery, you will find a vibrant selection of wines, but don’t worry. You can’t go wrong with either. Listen to the instructions of the host and choose the right one for you. Let Dingač Royal and Dingač Reserva be among them. If you love sparkling wine, their favorite product is Don Mateo.

Worth visiting is the winery Saint Hill, which is located in the village Oskorušno. Today, a beautiful stone house preserved from the past offers visitors a time machine a return to the magic of taste, smell, and legend. All this through the extraordinary wines they keep in their cellar.

Wine here blends perfectly with food, so hedonism is guaranteed, and relaxation is complete.

3. Wineries on Island Hvar

The epithet has become common for Hvar that it is a sunny island and the locals are happy to point out the number of sunny days a year that guarantees enjoyment. However, it does not hurt to add that the sun is an ally of good wines. And Hvar can undoubtedly be proud of them.

Winemaking on the island of Hvar dates from384. Years before Christ, when the first vines were planted, and from then until today, it is equally essential to the local population. For centuries it was an important export product from the island, and today it is the reason for the arrival of many wine lovers. Several important organized events are dedicated to wine, where both locals and guests gather and enjoy wines.

The attitude of the people of Hvar towards wine and their philosophy of life is best illustrated by the statements of the famous Hvar winemaker and oenologist Andre Tomić that wine is drunk in hours, not in liters. Pleasure is the main task here.

You will feel it if you visit his Tomić winery. It is an impressive building with many special features and unique details. It will seem to you that you have stepped into the world of ancient gods and ceremonies. It is a small realm of top-notch Plavac mali, Pošip, and Bogdanuša and an experience you will surely remember. And we believe, and to whom you will gladly return.

In addition to the Tomić winery, be sure to add the Carić and Duboković wineries to the list for your day on Hvar. Zlatan Otok is indispensable when on Hvar, one of the most awarded wines with a long tradition.

4. Wineries in Croatia: Imotski County

If you are vacationing in Brela, you love wine, and you would like to try one of the local wines, but you would like to arrive quickly and make it a half-day trip, we have the right solution for you. Everything we have listed so far is related to the coast and islands. And very close to Brela, less than half an hour’s drive from your hotel or apartment, is the town of Imotski. The town of Imotski is rich in historical sights and is best known for its natural phenomena – Blue and Red Lakes.

Apart from these specialties, Imotski and its surroundings can also boast of excellent wines. As in coastal areas, the beginning of grape growing dates back to the distant past. From the Greeks and Romans to the present day, the viticultural tradition has been preserved, and many families are still engaged in grape growing and wine production. In the whole area, about 50 winemakers produce more than 90 varieties. Kujundžuša is mainly grown as an ideal accompaniment to light meals, especially fish. There is also žilavka, chardonnay, sauvignon, pošip, and pinot.

The wineries in Imotski are ideal as a continuation of the tour of the lake and the city and great relaxation after a walk. Also, given the proximity of Imotski, they are an excellent way to spend the afternoon. Here are two more wineries in Croatia that you should not miss.

The Grabovac winery is unavoidable to visit. The Grabovac family can be proud of its tradition since 1812. In the last decade, they have doubled the number of their vines, modernized production, and arranged a great tasting room next to the vineyards. In addition to the inevitable kujudžuša, be sure to try the excellent red wines from this family workshop.

There is also the Sušić winery with its wines under the name Joskan. The family estate will receive you as a local in a pleasant and relaxed environment. With their excellent wines, you will surely be impressed by the homemade prosciutto and cheese.

Živili = Cheers!

Now you know more about wine fairy tales not far from Brela, and you have no excuse not to visit at least one of them! These wineries in Croatia are great destinations for a romantic day for two, family and friends, and they are all very close. You can choose to go in your car or organized a private tour.

What’s for sure, no matter how you decide to travel there, you’ll come back satisfied!







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