Zadar – second largest city in Dalmatia

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Today’s blog will be about second largest city in Dalmatia region: Zadar.  It is an antique city, one of the most important cities in the history of Croatia. I will tell you something more about the things you usually do not hear while listening about some city you are exploring.

It was a very important city for Croatia because of the great location, in the middle of Adriatic Sea. All of the traffic was going through city of Zadar. Because of the cities importance, there was always a battle between big forces around Croatia, such as Venice, Austria, Serbia etc. During the history, Zadar was owned by these mentioned emiperes. This is the reason why the city now is so specific. Influences from these empires can be seen even now, especially in architecture and in people`s customs. Many locals use old italian, german and turkish phrases, specific only for Zadar. Also, there are many international students coming to Zadar university since it has great reputation in Croatia anda broad. This university is the oldest one in Croatia, and one of the oldest ones in Europe. Regarding the architecture, you can see many old buildings, such as monastery and old churches from different periods. Most famous one is St. Donat church, located in the middle of Zadar peninsula. These old churches and monasteries are in total contrast with „Sea organs“, unique invention where you can relax and let sea plays its music. Next to this invention is another one called „Monument to the sun“. It is also very rare, made of solar panels that represent Solar system and make different type of colours.

Zadar now has around 75,000 people, perfect for a city where you want to have a lot of things to see and do, but also you want to avoid big city rush. You have to try and experience juice specific for Zadar, made out of cherries, called „maraska“. Or even better, you have to experience driving with a boat to from one to another side of Zadar.

Many choices, many things to see. Call Dream in Dalmatia agency, pack up your bags, and book your plane ticket. You definitely would not regret!



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