Zipline Tučepi: 10 Things To Know Before You Go

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Zipline Tučepi, what is it anyway? It is an exciting, adventurous ride on a steel rope where the participants, guided by a guide, use a pulley and belt to descend from one end of the route to the other.

1. Where is Zipline Tučepi?

Zipline Tučepi is located above the town of Tučepi, more precisely in Gornji Tučepi.

2. How to reach Zipline Tučepi?

You can reach Zipline Tucepi in your car. You need to follow the route to the destination ZIP LINE TUČEPI on Google Maps. Parking spaces are provided. The price of this trip includes free transport from Makarska and other places on the Riviera (Tucepi, Brela, Baska Voda, Basko Polje, Drasnice, Igrane, Podgora, Promajna, Zivogosce) and pick points are primarily in front of larger hotels. After completing your adventure, the drivers will take you back to your destination.

3. How long does Zipline Tučepi last?

Zipline Tucepi takes approximately 2 hours, including transportation.

Departures are every day, and you can choose between the time and 15:30 and the one at 17:00.

4. Zipline Tučepi price?

The price of Zipline Tučepi is 300 kuna (approximately 40 €) per person for adults, and children from 5 to 12 years have a 50% discount and pay 150 kunas (about 20 €).

The price includes transport, equipment, short training, and descent.

5. Can children go to Zipline Tučepi?

Children over the age of 5 can go down the Zipline Tucepi. I can go in tandem with a guide to make her feel safer, and if they don’t show the fear, I can get on their own. Children up to 20 kg weigh down in tandem with a professional guide. Every child is an individual, and every parent knows him best. Zipline Tučepi is designed as entertainment for all ages, so there is no obstacle for both children and parents to participate.

6. And the older ones?

The same goes for the elderly. There is no upper age limit for participating in the Zipline. If you are feeling well enough, you do not have health problems that would distract you, and you want to feel a little adrenaline, you are in the right place.

7. What to bring?

You can take your personal belongings in a backpack or bag, store them safely before starting, and take what you need during the descent, like sunglasses or a cell phone. You can have a waist bag with you, but the experience is to experience the descent without things that can distract you, so the advice is to wear as little as possible. Also, take care of sun protection and apply sunscreen before departure! You will get water for refreshment at the end of the tour, so you don’t have to worry about hydration.

8. How to dress?

Dress so that you are comfortable. That is the golden rule. During the tour, Zipline Tučepi also contains short hikes in nature, so to be comfortable and safe, it is recommended to have comfortable and sturdy shoes and light clothes in which you can move freely.

9. Can I record?

The answer is yes! You can have a phone, camera, or go pro during the descent to record special moments of the descent. Experienced guides will give you a few tips on holding them as tightly as possible and ensuring that they do not fall out because it is impossible to reach or find them if you drop them. Your devices are your responsibility, so we recommend that you use the first wire and the first descent to make sure you can hold them and then decide whether to wear them. If you choose not to wear them, don’t worry – great photos can be taken by your companion or someone from the group while you enjoy the zipline.

10. Can we go to Zipline Tučepi as a group?

Of course! Zipline Tučepi is an ideal activity as part of teambuilding, a joint vacation of friends or family, and a creative idea to celebrate a birthday or other significant date uniquely. To book as a group, you need more than ten people. In that case, you choose the term that suits you and arrange an exciting adventure for your company.

Dare to experience beautiful nature from a bird’s eye view today and enjoy the feeling of flying, create memories for a lifetime, and spend significant time with family and friends!






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