Biokovo Skywalk from Split: 5 Things To Know

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Biokovo Skywalk from Split is one of the outstanding attractions worth seeing during your vacation in Split and its surroundings. Biokovo Skywalk is truly a special place that attracts thousands of tourists every year and becomes an indispensable stop for everyone visiting Croatia. Surely you have already seen beautiful photos from that place somewhere.

In addition to a great opportunity for great photos, the Biokovo Skywalk from Split is also a great way to get to know this part of Croatia and Dalmatia better in one day, enjoy the fantastic nature and visit the city of Makarska or another charming place on the Makarska Riviera.

What are we talking about when we talk about Skywalk Biokovo? It is a glass horseshoe located at an altitude of 1,228 meters, which offers a unique view of the Makarska Riviera, the coast, and the islands. Biokovo Skywalk is located in the middle of untouched nature, and the experience of walking on glass at such an altitude is like walking on clouds.

If you have chosen Split for your vacation, this is one of the nearby destinations that you really must see. However, before you go on that trip, you need to know some basic information intolan your trip and to spend the day as well as possible.

We bring you basic information as well as tips on how to organize a visit to Biokovo Skywalk from Split so that the day stays in your best possible memory.

1. Where is Skywalk Biokovo? 

As we have already said, Skywalk Biokovo is located on the mountain after which it is named. Mountain Biokovo stretches along the Makarska Riviera, and its highest peak, St. Jure, is 1,762 meters high. The specialty of the mountain is the existence of a road to the very top, and on that road, there is also a Skywalk.

2. How to get to Biokovo Skywalk from Split? 

There are several options for getting to Biokovo Skywalk from Split. One is that if you are on vacation with your car, use it as an advantage and go to Skywalk Biokovo yourself. The distance from Split to Skywalk Biokovo is approximately an hour to an hour and a half, but you should expect crowds and possible traffic jams during the summer months. To get from Split to the Skywalk, it is easiest to follow the directions for driving to the city of Makarska, and then from Makarska head towards the city of Vrgorac.

For this drive, you can choose the highway as a slightly faster option or a local road through many picturesque places. During the biggest summer crowds, the highway is a safer way to avoid hours-long traffic jams in smaller towns. If you don’t have your car on vacation, you can use a rental car to organize the Biokovo Skywalk from Split trip. In this way, you have the freedom to organize the day as you wish.

If you don’t want to waste time organizing this excursion yourself, the best option is always to choose an organized excursion and relax completely during the drive and throughout the day. One important thing for those who decide to go on a trip alone is the type of road to Skywalk Biokovo. It is an old and very narrow road, at a very high altitude, and for many, it can be shocking. In addition, the road is two-way, so it is necessary to pass vehicles from the other direction. If that sounds stressful to you, choose one of the organized tours and relax.

3.Tickets for Skywalk Biokovo

Tickets for Skywalk Biokovo are sold exclusively online. On the Internet, you can find appointments, see which ones are free and buy a ticket for a vehicle and people for a specific appointment. Without a purchased online ticket, you cannot enter the Biokovo Nature Park or reach the Skywalk, so if you haven’t bought one, there is no point in going on this trip. It is best to determine the date of the trip to the Skywalk when planning your entire stay and buy a ticket for the desired date in advance.

When you do that, it is very important not to be late for that appointment. In case you have decided on one of the organized options for the trip to Biokovo Skywalk from Split, be sure to check with the organizers whether the ticket is included in the price and whether they will book and buy it for you or it is up to you to do it yourself.

It is a good idea to check the weather forecast before booking an appointment, because, in case of bad weather, clouds, and rain, Skywalk Biokovo is not open.

4.What else to see? 

Skywalk Biokovo is located above the Makarska Riviera, so you can complement the trip perfectly with a visit to the city of Makarska, which is the center of the Riviera. It is ideal there for a walk in the old city center, but also for enjoying the beach and lunch, coffee, and ice cream.

If you would rather enjoy only the joys of the beach, the ideal option is one of the smaller places nearby, such as Tučepi, where you can visit beautiful beaches, have lunch by the sea, and then continue your day. Likewise, if you decide to drive back to Split on the old road, you can take a break in Brela, a place with world-famous beaches, or ine town of Omiš, a perfect place for a stroll through the narrow romantic streets.

5. Organized tours to Biokovo Skywalk from Split

Organized tours to Skywalk Biokovo are numerous and differ in content, mode of transportation, departure time, etc. At first, it may seem that you really don’t know what to choose, so we recommend that you contact us with all your questions. Tailor-made tours are ideal because they are completely adapted to you, your wishes, and your time. That way, you have much more flexibility and much more freedom in organizing your day.

Of course, group departures are also a great way to avoid all the worries about driving, parking, and crowds and simply enjoy your day on the unique Skywalk Biokovo.



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