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Croatia in May as a travel idea has been on your mind for a while? Indeed you are interested in whether it is worth traveling to Croatia before the actual summer season, what can be seen and what to do in May? Many visitors to Croatia who have been in different seasons agree that the period before the real tourist crowd and the one immediately behind is ideal for a holiday in Croatia. Everyone, of course, has their reasons and forms of relaxation that they love, and for everyone, the perfect period of visiting Croatia is different. We have decided for you to explore why it could become your favorite.

And the benefits are you will see numerous. From ideal weather conditions, fewer crowds, and reasonable offers to stress-free enjoyment in the most beautiful cities and wineries. It is a memorable experience to experience all this in the spring and thus taste the authenticity of Croatia, its coast, and interior.

These reasons will be especially liked by those who like a more intimate vacation and want to avoid the crowds, and those for whom sunbathing and swimming are not a priority.

May in Croatia is a good choice for families with children. The weather is ideal for playing and staying outdoors and for family trips to nature. Also, it may be a common choice for those looking for a weekend getaway from the cities and those who want to spend quality time with colleagues in teambuilding.

Whatever the reason for your trip, we are sure that Croatia has the answer to your requests and fantastic locations that will become the ones of your dreams. See the significant advantages of Croatia and hurry to find your ideal combination.

Weather in May in Croatia

Spring brings beautiful weather and warming everywhere. This is also the case in Croatia, regardless of whether you decide to travel inland or to the coast. If you choose Dalmatia, the southern part of Croatia, you can be sure that you will not make a mistake. And that there will be no lack of sun.

Spring in Dalmatia is warm and pleasant with little rainfall. Dalmatia is characterized by a Mediterranean climate marked by mild winters and long warm summers. Apart from the delightful weather, it is an area characterized by a large number of sunny hours and days throughout the year. Especially famous for this is the island of Hvar, which has more than 2700 hours of sunshine a year.

Spring is when sunshine is becoming more frequent, and rain and bad weather are becoming less frequent.

For example, the average minimum temperature in May is more than 15 degrees, and the maximum daily temperature is often above 20 degrees.

It means the opening of the bathing season for many, and for sunbathing, it is ideal!

Suppose you are not a fan of such activities before the actual summer temperatures. In that case, you will agree that these are the ideal temperatures for going on a nature trip or for discovering the hidden beauties of charming cities on the coast.

The nights are a bit colder during spring than the day, and long sleeves or a light jacket may be needed in the evening or early morning.

The recommendation for this part of the year is layered clothing.

It is rarely possible for a few rainy days to happen, so it’s worth counting on when packing.

Natural beauties to see in Croatia in May

Country of  Croatia, for many, is associated with natural beauties that abound in the whole country. Whichever part of Croatia you go to explore, you will be surprised by the number of beautiful places and attractive locations worth visiting, which attract with their beauty and uniqueness.

Croatia has a total of 8 national parks:

In addition, Croatia boasts 12 nature parks and numerous protected park forests, reserves, and particular areas.

In addition to all this, there is a beautiful coast and islands, mountains, rivers, canyons, forts and walls.

In addition to the attractions taken care of by Mother Nature itself, there are also unique locations such as the Skywalk, located on the Biokovo mountain. It is a glass platform located at more than 1000 meters above sea level, and from which they provide an unforgettable view of the Makarska Riviera, coast, and islands.

There are also various rafting and canyoning tours, safaris, and zip line attractions that offer the opportunity to experience the beauty of nature with a dose of adrenaline. Most of them are adapted for complete beginners and do not require previous experience, so you can try something new and have a unique experience without worries.

If adrenaline is not your style, there are many promenades along the sea and beaches that entice sighs, which are just in May ideal to experience them in their full beauty.

Amazing cities

If you want to ask a difficult question, ask which is the most beautiful city in Croatia. We believe that no one can decide so easily. Although Croatia is a small country, it is rich in natural and cultural peculiarities and historical. They are the easiest to discover by discovering cities in Croatia that to this day preserve traces of rich history and culture and the influence of different peoples on life and the way they are built.

Starting from the south where the city of Dubrovnik is located, a recognizable symbol of Croatia and Europe, unavoidable tourist maps of the world, through Split, Mediterranean flowers, then Zadar, Sibenik, Trogir to the pearls of Istria and to the interior that is a story in itself.

There is also the capital of Croatia, Zagreb, and many worth mentioning, such as baroque Varaždin, beautiful Osijek, Vinkovci, and Vukovar, the Croatian city of heroes from the recent Homeland War.

Which one to visit then while in Croatia in May?

As we said, in May, each is worth a visit. However, if your wish is to use the warm weather more by the sea and for the first swim, we recommend some of the pearls of Dalmatia or vacation near them. In this way, you can ideally combine nature and the first trip to the beach with a tour and exploration of one of the cities.

Gastro & Wine tours in Croatia in May

 Croatia in May without excellent local food and wine tasting? Unthinkable. At the first meeting with food and drink, you will understand why it would be a significant omission not to meet with this part of Croatia. Each piece of Croatia is unique in its landscape, dialect, customs, way of life, and the tastes that make up traditional dishes. And each region is incredibly proud of its homemade dishes whose recipes are passed down from generation to generation and win over domestic and foreign guests. Wherever you decide to spend May in Croatia, put some of the region’s traditional dishes at the top of your list of priorities.

To make it easier for you to recognize them, we bring you a shortlist of some of them: štruklji, čobanac, turkey with grinders, pašticada, soparnik, fuži, Sinj arambašići, Skradin risotto …

After the main course, it is always time for dessert. And as with savory dishes, desserts are a unique story of every city and region.

So we have the traditional cakes of continental Croatia: walnuts, poppy seeds, buktle, strudels, dumplings with plums, and leaflets are also made by salovnjaci (salenjaci), gingerbread.

In the south, sweets are hidden under these names: fritule, kroštule, mandulat, krokanat, rafioli, Skradin cake …

What is a good lunch without a good drink? In Croatia, you can taste various homemade brandies made from:

However, you must not miss the tasting of indigenous Croatian wines.

You can undoubtedly find a great selection of top local wines and numerous specialized souvenir shops and supermarkets wherever you travel in restaurants.

However, suppose you are a wine lover. In that case, our recommendation is to enrich your vacation by visiting one of the local wineries and enjoying a good drink there in an authentic ambiance.

If your choice for a trip to Dalmatia, the famous wine regions are the area of ​​Imotski, the islands of Brac, Hvar, and Korcula, and the Peljesac peninsula.

From there come numerous wines produced according to centuries-old recipes and awarded at the world’s largest festivals.

Wine is a great companion for relaxing on vacation and a great souvenir that can delight your family, colleagues, and friends.

Names of Croatian wines: pošip, plavac, dingač, graševina, žlahtina, malvazija, traminac

In addition to wines, quality and recognized cheeses are produced in Croatia; the most famous is the one from the island of Pag.

Along with the cheese, prosciutto goes perfectly, with a long production tradition uniquely in the Dalmatian hinterland.

Less traffic jams 

The most significant number of tourists come to Croatia in the summer months of July and August, when there is a real tourist crowd. It is a period marked by traffic jams, ferry ports, and roads leading to famous tourist destinations. It is a period that many choose for their vacation to enjoy the sun and the sea, and for young people, it is then a great choice of content and nightlife. It is challenging to find last-minute accommodation in the summer months, and therefore the prices are the highest then.

Does it make sense to visit Croatia in May? Of course, there is. Especially if you are not a fan of long columns on the highway, waiting to enter a museum or cathedral, and even a table in a restaurant. It also makes sense if you want to enjoy a walk through the city cores without too much crowding and pushing, especially if you like to go to nature without a lot of noise and relax without stress.

The pre-season in Croatia usually starts in the week before Easter, when the first organized tourist arrivals begin, and the weather becomes more and more suitable for staying outdoors. Traditionally then, hotels on the coast open their doors.

After that, the term Labor Day became very popular. However, none of these terms are famous as the peak of summer, so you can be sure that you will have enough quiet oases for true enjoyment and relaxation in May, yet enough content to not get bored.

Value for money

We have already mentioned that the prices of accommodation and additional services are highest at the peak of the season, at the end of July and the beginning of August. Of course, if you book enough in advance and for these dates, you can find excellent prices and offers, but the offer in the pre-season is significantly cheaper for you as a customer.

With the desire to attract as many guests in these quieter months, many hotels, camps, and resorts with standard accommodation offer many additional options such as including facilities such as wellness, excursions, children’s accommodation, and dinners at a la carte restaurants.

Since the capacities are not filled, you are more likely to get a great room with a view in May, an apartment near the beach or the city center, and a more affordable price.

Be sure to check what is offered in the packages and what are the special offers, and of course, take care of the conditions and deadlines.

There is so much to say about Croatia no matter which month of the year you choose, but now I guess it is clear that May may be an excellent option for a romantic weekend, enjoying the cities under UNESCO protection or a walk in the mountains. In May, you are sure that you will not waste time in traffic and that there will be no crowds around the most attractive sights, and that the weather will be ideal for your first sunbathing. That sounds like the formula for the perfect vacation, right?



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