Top 7 Most Photogenic Places: Makarska Riviera

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Photogenic places in Croatia are your reason to visit? Seems legit! You have probably seen beautiful shots of beaches, cities, and natural beauties on one popular social network and thought you wanted to be there too. Or that you want to take perfect photos for your social networks.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Croatia is one of the most photogenic countries with beautiful seas, paradise beaches, natural wonders, beautiful cities, and charming islands. Who wouldn’t want to catch some good shots here?

We tour some of the most photogenic destinations in the next series of texts and reveal the best locations for great pictures.

We start from the Makarska Riviera, located south of Split, to Dubrovnik.

Makarska Riviera stretches along the coast and along the city of Makarska includes beautiful small picturesque places. The Biokovo Nature Park is within easy reach of the Makarska Riviera.

But let’s move on – what to see, where to take pictures?

1. Skywalk Biokovo

The attraction opened in 2020 has already attracted thousands and thousands of tourists. Before you go on a trip to Skywalk, check all the details on how to get there and where to buy tickets. You must have come across one of the photos from this glass platform, located at 1228 meters above sea level. From the Skywalk, there is a beautiful view of the Riviera, the coast, and the islands. It is an indispensable location for all lovers of good photography.

2. Peninsula St. Petar

The peninsula at the entrance to the Makarska city port is ideal for all romantic souls, so it is an excellent location if you want to have romantic photos with your partner. In the background, there is a long promenade, forest, lighthouse, beautiful views, and the whole town of Makarska. Sounds like a good backdrop?

3. Vruja

If you are coming to the Makarska Riviera from Split by the Adriatic Highway, do not miss to stop at this rest area. It is located on the Dubci pass, just before arriving on the Riviera, but from there, there is a beautiful view of the Makarska Riviera coast and the islands and the bay nearby.

4. Vošac

Apart from the already mentioned Skywalk, the mountain Biokovo hides many other charms and beauties worth mentioning. It is a favorite destination for hikers and nature lovers from all over. If you are one of them, be sure to include hiking to the top of Vošac, located at 1442 meters above sea level. There is also a mountain lodge there, and the view is simply breathtaking.

5. Brela Stone

A well-known motif of postcards, promotional videos, and a favorite place to take photos is at your fingertips if you are on the Makarska Riviera. Kamen Brela is located in the eponymous town of Brela. You can easily reach it with a beautiful promenade along some of the most beautiful beaches. The beaches themselves, such as Podraće beach, have been included in numerous lists of the most beautiful in Europe and the world, so it will be an opportunity to further enjoy and record great memories. The Brela stone is an equally attractive location both by day and by night, so it is up to you to decide when to visit it.

6. Nugal beach

Nugal beach was a hidden secret of the Makarska Riviera not so long ago. It is located between Makarska and Tučepi and is marked FKK.

Earlier, only random pedestrians would come across it, see it from a boat or come on the recommendation of someone well-informed.

And then, in 2019, it was declared the third most beautiful beach in Europe and became a must-see destination for many visitors. The beach itself is stunning, but the view from above is even more impressive.

If you want to avoid problems with parking, we advise you to walk through the beautiful forest Osejava and take a break with a view of this beach.

7. St. Jure Peak

We return to the mountain Biokovo, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for nature lovers, mountaineers, and photographers. The top of the hill is located at 1772 meters above sea level, and its view is breathtaking. On calm days when the weather is clear from the top, you can see to Italy, and unforgettable photos are equally wonderful if you take them in the early morning and at sunset.

Makarska Riviera and its places abound in many photogenic places. Many charming little streets, squares, churches, natural oases, beautiful beaches, and stone houses in the old villages. It doesn’t fit all into one list. But, the most important thing is to go. We are sure that you will discover some undiscovered beauties in your research and that your photos will delight everyone.



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