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Daily trips from Brela are a great idea these days because autumn is the fifth season! It may seem to you that this statement is exaggerated. If you have been lucky enough to spend at least one autumn weekend in Brela, then you know what it is all about.

Autumn days are an excellent combination of warm weather, quiet beaches, and pleasant evenings by the sea. That is why it is not surprising that every year more and more guests decide on dates in September and October. Mild autumn weather provides the best opportunity to take advantage of the day. Incorporate enough time for rest, sightseeing, and quiet lunches and dinners by the sea. The crowds on the beach, promenade, and roads should be significantly less than in July and August.

Holidays in the autumn months because of all this are increasingly becoming an attractive idea for many. These are also ideal opportunities to escape on the weekend if you have already used your vacation, thus extending the summer even less.

Those who travel in these months know all the advantages well, and those who do not often have prejudices that this is not the best time “because there is nothing to do.” That is why we bring you a list of 5 top choices for autumn activities in Brela. These are day trips that are easily accessible, very close to Brela, and still, leave enough space to use part of the day for swimming and sunbathing.

Additionally, these are activities that both young and old can enjoy. By compiling these suggestions, we also met the needs of those eager for adventure and those who are more inclined to learn about history and culture. There is also a particular suggestion for those who want to experience a whole new helicopter flight experience.

Let’s take a look at our selection of the five best trips with which you can complete your stay in Brela during October.

1. Biokovo Skywalk Trips from Brela

Indeed you have had a visit to this attraction on your to-do list or among your wishes before this list. Since last year, when Skywalk Biokovo opened, it has been a top choice for many visitors to Brela and Makarska Riviera. But not just them.

Skywalk Biokovo attracts guests from other parts of Dalmatia and Croatia, as well as many locals. What can you expect from your trip to Biokovo Skywalk? First of all, a pleasant ride with a view of the beautiful landscape, sea, and islands, and then a detailed acquaintance with all the secrets of the mountain and nature park Biokovo. Experienced guides will introduce you to the rich flora and fauna, allowing you to taste some of the local indigenous products.


And then finally, the experience of walking on a glass structure at more than 1000 meters above sea level and the opportunity to take unforgettable photos await you. We believe that you are interested in how far the Skywalk is, what to wear and what if it rains, so we recommend that you read everything you are interested in and everything good to know before going to Biokovo Nature Park.

Also, you can decide to go by car or organized an excursion. It is a half-day type of trip, so you can choose to enjoy one of the beautiful and famous Brela beaches after returning. If you want to explore something else along the way, we recommend a tour of the city of Makarska and coffee or lunch on the waterfront by the sea for a full day.

2. Safari buggy

Although autumn is somehow a calmer and less exciting time than the summer months, a good adventure is never questioned. As we said, there is an ideal activity and way for everyone to make the most of the day. Just for those who would like a little more excitement than driving a car and sightseeing, it is an ideal recommendation to try a buggy safari.

safari buggy baska voda

If you’ve gone a buggy before and love off-road adventures, this will be one outstanding new experience for you. If you’ve never tried it before, and you want to, there’s no room for fear. The professional staff will instruct you in everything you need, and it is up to you to enjoy the adrenaline. Of course, there is also beautiful nature, beautiful views, and views of the coast and islands.

Also, a snack with homemade products comes in handy as a refreshment and an opportunity to taste something new. This trip lasts about 3-4 hours, and you can choose between the morning and afternoon term. In addition to the standard tour, there is also the Biokovo Skywalk tour. Suppose you thought the first suggestion lacked a dose of adrenaline. In that case, a buggy safari is the ideal combination of adventure and a visit to this attraction in the Biokovo Nature Park.

For this trips from Brela, you need a driver’s license.

3. Split Trips From Brela

The capital of the region of Dalmatia and the second-largest city in Croatia leaves no one indifferent, and many visitors decide to revisit it. The Mediterranean metropolis captivates with its charm, lively lifestyle, and numerous locations worth visiting.

The first is undoubtedly Diocletian’s Palace, around which the city was built 1700 years ago. When you come to Split, it is pretty clear why the Roman emperor chose this place for his cottage and retirement days. Well, everyone who visits Split, at some point, thinks it’s a good idea.

split tour from brela

Throughout turbulent history and centuries, Split has always been known as unique. The city center, which belongs to the UNESCO pearls, the Mediterranean way of life, friendly and loud local people create a unique color that will draw you in so much that you will soon feel as if you belong to it.

Split is only an hour’s drive from Brela, so it is ideal for a day trip. In addition to numerous monuments and cultural facilities, it also offers an exceptional gastronomic scene. Along with Mediterranean cities, football is also indispensable, so if you are a fan, include it in your tour of the stadium of the Hajduk football club.

4. Zip Line Tučepi – trip from Brela

Brela and Makarska Riviera are a favorite vacation spot for many families, so we bring one recommendation for all who want an activity in which the whole family can participate. It sounds ideal if we add a small dose of excitement and adventure that is adapted to everyone. Even better is the outdoor activity.

Zip Line Tučepi unites all that! If you’ve never tried the zip line, you have no reason to worry or fear. The whole concept is tailored to families with children, and guides are always with you for guidance, advice, and encouragement.

zip line croatia tučepi

Tučepi is a 20-minute drive from Brela, and the price of the trip includes transport, so there is no need to drive alone. Your only task can be relaxation and fun, and be sure to hire one family member or team as an official photographer to capture your attractive descents. It is worth noting that safety is essential, and guides will warn you about it many times.

They will receive all the necessary protective equipment on the spot. It is recommended to wear sturdy sports shoes and comfortable clothes. If you want to carry things like cell phones and water with you, the most practical solution is a backpack. Zipline tours go in the afternoon so that you can plan this as an afternoon family get-together.


4. Helicopter Panoramic Flight

We all sometimes wished we had a superpower and could fly. It would be adorable to observe the beautiful cities, mountains, rivers, numerous islands, and the coast from a height. The good news is that it no longer requires a superpower. All you have to do is decide on an exciting helicopter adventure and see the beauties of Croatia from above.

Scenic helicopter flight, apart from the fact that it is an exciting adventure, is a unique opportunity to enjoy the beautiful landscape from a completely different perspective. Whether you want to see the famous beach Zlatni rat from a height, Dubrovnik or Split, or the mighty canyon of the Cetina – everything can be in the palm of your hand.

helicopter near me

A helicopter flight is ideal as a gift for someone you want to surprise and romantic activity for two, especially if you choose the sunset as the time for your flight. Helicopter flight is an excellent trip for all photography lovers.

This trip does not have to last long, and you decide when and where you want to fly, so you can choose the date that suits you best.



These five activities are a small summary of the rich offer of activities and excursions you can do from Brela. There are many more exciting and interesting things like rafting, visits to Dubrovnik, boat tours to the nearby islands of Hvar Brac. It is just a short section to help you enrich your autumn vacation in Brela and choose the ideal activities for you, so you don’t waste time searching for the ideal ones.

If you would like to know more about someone to tour from Brela or want to book your place an appointment, be sure to let us know.






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